"You thought you can't overeat."

An article about Bulimia

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If one has Bulimia, they may experience:

  • sore throat

  • swollen face

  • missing periods for women

  • Stomach Pains

  • dehydration

  • fainting

  • odd bowel movements

  • short temper among others

  • mood swings

  • depression

  • anxiety

  • acting hurtful towards others

  • lying a majority of the time

  • reluctance to eat with others

  • inability to focus

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If you have Bulimia, don't panic, there is a solution

Even though Bulimia is the second most common eating disorder among teens,
Bulimia can be solved in two various ways, it is best when done together.

One major thing to do if you have Bulimia is to go to a psychologist for help because of the many social as well as behavioral issues you would face if you have bulimia, and another way to help stop this is to take an antidepressant

If you want to specify your help, you can visit Rodgers Memorial Hospital on it's website https://rogershospital.org/residential-center/eating-disorder-center

or call: 800-767-4411