Sixth Grade Happenings

News from Room 25

What we are learning...

This week, as well as next, we will continue to work on ratios and proportions while moving into rates, unit rates, and percentages (as in finding proportions such as using a 20% off coupon). The students will be completing some projects and activities in class that illustrate the concepts of these strategies in real world contexts.

In writing we are continuing with our realistic fiction unit by working on generating ideas and beginning our flash drafting. Along with realistic fiction, we will continue to have a weekly blog on Google Classroom.

In reading we are still reading Maniac Magee and have been learning how writer's craft stories to not only help us understand how to become better writers, but to help us become better readers. If you aren't familiar with this story, please ask your student about it. It is rich in language, themes/symbols, and figurative language, and happens to be a great story!

In social studies, our class will continue to learn about ancient China for this week as well as next before moving on to a science unit.

Sixth Grade Camp

I know it seems far off now, but Sixth Grade Camp is going to come up very fast! Be sure to complete the camp forms and send in the donation if you are able as soon as possible.

This Saturday, September 24, from 10am to 2pm, the Cuyamaca Outdoor School (aka Sixth Grade Camp) will hold their annual Open House. If you are interested in checking out the camp for yourself, or if your student would like to see it before our trip, please check out the flyer using this link.

Scholastic Book Orders

You may have received a Scholastic Book Order flyer this past Friday. If you are interested in ordering books, may I strongly encourage you to do so online. Not only is this easy for you, this means we receive faster shipping times, I don't have to pay for shipping fees, and we earn more points with which to order books for the classroom. If you are interested in a book that is not in one of the flyers, search for it on the website and you can still order it!

To place an order, click on the link below and enter the class code LP6DF.

Math lesson - Flexible Thinking

Collaborative conversations are a very important part of our mathematical learning. Students share their thinking and learning with each other and hopefully gain new strategies to further their understanding of a concept. However, sometimes students can feel frustrated by not understanding a particular strategy right away. We have been talking a lot about perseverance in other areas of school and had a great learning moment about why it is so important to persevere when learning math. I thought I would share it with you...

Sometimes when we are looking at a problem a certain way, we can only see it the way we understand it. Sometimes it can be difficult to understand another person's thinking or strategy. However, it is important to continue to try to understand that strategy/thinking because you do, you can't "un-see it". Then it is your strategy as well and you have multiple options for problem solving. That is very much like the old optical illusion of the old woman and the young lady (see picture).

I showed this picture to our class and, of course, many of them saw the old woman, many saw the young lady, and a few saw both. We continued to try to explain to our classmates where the "other" woman/lady was until everyone saw both. Some took longer than others but eventually everyone was able to see both. Once you see them, you can "un-see it"! This was a great connecting activity to our own thinking and how to be a flexible thinker!


  • Band information night - Tuesday, 9/20 at 5:50 - 7:30 in the Activity Center (open house format)
  • Garden for group A - Wednesday, 9/21
  • Skyline movie night of "Zootopia"- Thursday, 9/23 at 6:30
  • Picture day - Tuesday, 9/27
  • Minimum day (early release) - Wednesday, 9/28