EIPS Career Pathways

December 2021


Career Pathways is designed to develop skills that students can apply in their daily lives when preparing for entry into the workplace or for further learning opportunities. Competencies achieved will allow students to make relevant connections with work and/or post-secondary training.

Our Mission: To provide authentic, relevant, and engaging career opportunities and foster growth and readiness for life after school.

Career Pathways Team- Ms. K. Oleksyn, Mr. F. Rempel and Mr. B. Spady

Contact us at: careerpathways@eips.ca

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Small steps are still progress!

Heavy Equipment Technician Spotlight

Are you mechanically inclined? Does the idea of fixing large equipment and vehicles appeal to you? Then you may want to power into a career as a heavy equipment technician.

Follow These 4 Steps to Plan Your Career

Career planning helps you make decisions throughout your career, whether you are just starting or planning retirement. Follow these 4 steps to plan your career. Figuring out what career path to follow starts with knowing yourself and knowing your options.

Step 1: Get to know yourself

Step 2: Explore your occupational options

Step 3: Get ready by evaluating your career options

Step 4: Take action to achieve your career goals

Career planning is a practical way to manage the ongoing changes in your life and work. It helps you build on what you already have and think realistically about your priorities. Try the 4 career planning steps in CAREERinsite for a successful and satisfying career.

Baker Apprenticeship Spotlight

Do you love baking for friends and family? Are you always modifying ingredients or creating your own confections? Then you may want to see if becoming a baker is the recipe for your career.

Apprenticeship Training

Apprenticeship is a training program that combines on-the-job training, work experience, and technical training in a trade. From day 1, apprentices earn a salary for their time on the job. An apprenticeship training program lasts 1 to 4 years depending on the trade. Are you interested in becoming an apprentice?

Check out these resources:

  • Tradesecrets—This Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training website offers information about training, certification, scholarships, financial assistance and more as well as resources for employers, employees and apprentices.
  • Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) for high school students—This program allows high school students to earn credits toward an apprenticeship program and a high school diploma at the same time.
Powerline Technician Spotlight

Does working outside on high towers seem like a great challenge? Are you quick on your feet and good with your hands? Are you fit and strong? Then you may be hardwired for a career as a powerline technician.

Dual Credit Information Session

December 9, 2021 6:30-7:00 p.m.

Microsoft Teams Virtual Session Click here to join the meeting

Dual credit pathways help students earn high school and post-secondary credits that can count toward a post-secondary certificate, diploma, or degree, including first period apprenticeship opportunities. Moreover, Dual credit opportunities span a variety of industries and professions including health care, trades, agriculture and business administration. Please complete the Dual Credit Intake Form if interested.

How Do I Write an Effective Cover Letter?

A cover letter is your first impression to a potential employer. Learn how to make it an effective one. Get information and referrals about career and employment options from Alberta Supports.

Cover Letters Open the Door to an Interview

Writing a clear, strong cover letter will catch the employer’s attention and increase your chances for an interview. A cover letter introduces you and your resumé or application form. Your goal is to get the employer’s attention by showing how your skills and accomplishments make you a good fit for the job.

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How Do I Prepare for an Interview?

Prepare for a successful job interview using the Four Ps: Prepare, Practise, Participate and be Positive.

How to Succeed at a Job Interview

You've got the interview! Now you want to make the kind of impression that will get you the job. There’s a lot to keep in mind during the interview process. To help keep on top of everything, follow these 4 Ps for interview success:

  1. Prepare
  2. Practise
  3. Present
  4. Participate

Prepare yourself- Making sure that you’re ready for your interview will boost your confidence and help you do well.

Practise what you’ll say and how you’ll say it- Confidence comes from knowing what you need to do. This saves you from scrambling for answers and reduces your stress. The best way to boost confidence is to rehearse what you’ve prepared.

Present yourself well- Presentation is key. Your interviewers will observe everything about you—your appearance, your attitude, and your body language. Presenting yourself well says you will fit in because you understand the company culture.

Participate fully in the conversation- The interview is your chance to show your positive attitude and your communication skills.


Aircraft Maintenance Technician Spotlight

Do you like mechanical work and airplanes? Are you interested in servicing and repairing aircraft components like engines and landing gear? Then you may want to find out if work as an aircraft maintenance technician is your runway to a career.

Discover Your Personality Type

Do you know your personality type? Have you ever thought about the kinds of work that would best suit your personality? Try these quizzes to find out.

What’s the right job for you? You probably know that your abilities and interests are important to finding the right occupation. So are your values and professional and financial goals. But it’s also important to make sure your career choice is a good fit for your personality. A good fit gives you the best chance of enjoying your work, performing it well and avoiding too much stress on the job.

Try some personality tests to learn more about your personality

Once you’ve taken the tests and reviewed the results, ask yourself:

  • What are the top 3 results on each test?
  • Do similar findings keep coming up?
  • Are the results realistic for you?
  • What kind of work seems to suit your personality?
WISEST Advice on Having a Successful Career in STEM

Women in Scholarship, Engineering, Science, and Technology (WISEST) Hear from women in different STEM fields about what it takes to have a successful career!

Work Experience

Off Campus courses that provide experiential learning activities as part of a planned school program under the supervision of an off-campus education coordinator. Work Experience courses are components of off-campus education learning. These provide opportunities for students to:

  • apply, in the workplace, knowledge, skills and attitudes acquired through other course work
  • discover their career interests and aptitudes in meaningful work activities, situated in community-based work stations and work sites in industry, and community service.
  • earn high school credits

HCS3000: Workplace Safety Systems (1 credit)- is the required prerequisite of the first work experience course taken by a student.

Studying Entrepreneurship at a Technical Institute

Dave is studying business at a technical institute. Watch as he discusses working towards entrepreneurship, the benefits of small class size, and becoming involved with his student association.

2022 High School Open House Dates

Complete schedule of High School in-person Open House dates.

EIPS Secondary French Immersion @AJS Tuesday, January 18 6-7:30 pm

Advanced Placement @BFH Thursday, January 27 6-8 pm

International Baccalaureate @SAL Thursday, February 3 6-8 pm

Ardrossan Jr Sr High Tuesday, February 15 6-8 pm

Bev Facey Community High Wednesday, February 9 6-8 pm

Fort Saskatchewan High Thursday, February 17 6-8 pm

Lamont High Tuesday, February 15 6-8 pm

Next Step Outreach Contact site for appointment

Salisbury Composite High Tuesday, February 8 6-8 pm

Strathcona Christian Secondary Tuesday, February 15 7-8 pm

Vegreville Composite High Tuesday February 15 5-7 pm

Reminder: February 1-28, 2022 EIPS Returning Student Registration

Career planning should include STEM

Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) have a huge impact on our day-to-day lives. 70% of Canada’s top jobs require a STEM education. Approximately half of university, college & apprenticeship programs require grade 12 math and/or science.

Interested in the Green Certificate Program?

The Green Certificate Program provides students with opportunities to enter a variety of agriculture-related, structured learning pathways as a part of their senior high school program and to earn up to 16 Grade 12 diploma credits and a credential leading to a career in agribusiness.

There is no deadline for applications. High-school students may register throughout the year. Students learn on the job, under the direction of experienced farm personnel and under the supervision and administration of Alberta Agriculture and Forestry (AF) and Alberta Education.

Students select one of the specializations and under the guidance of their trainer, work towards mastering all skills within their training program: Beekeeper, Cow calf beef, Dairy, Equine, Feedlot beef, Field crop, Greenhouse, Irrigated field crop, Poultry, Sheep, & Swine production.

Environmental Specialist Spotlight

Let's Talk Careers! An opportunity for students to become more informed about career and post-secondary options after high school.

Careers NextGen Virtual Sessions

January 12 Agriculture/Cooking (Young Women in Trades & Technology)

January 18 Agriculture - Plant Systems

February 16 Forestry

February 24 ICT/Forestry (Young Women in Trades & Technology)

March 8 Scaffolding

March 17 Automotive/Mechanical (Young Women in Trades & Technology)

March 23 Mechanical Trades

April 5 Service Trades

April 20 Pipe Trades

May 10 Information and Communications Technology

May 17 All Opportunities/Summer Internships

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Small steps are still progress!

YWITT – Careers in Agriculture and the Skilled Trades in Cooking

January 12, 2022 5:00-6:30 pm Students in Grades 9-12


Young Women in Trades and Technologies (YWITT) is a program designed to break barriers and give young women the opportunity and confidence to explore different career options in non-traditional skilled trades and technologies.

Agriculture: The agricultural industry is both valuable and critical to our society and remains one of the largest sources of employment in many areas across Alberta and the world. It is an industry that continues to redefine itself and to present ever-evolving career opportunities. Whether it is working as a farmer, harvester, technician for farm equipment, scientist, and so on, there are an amazing number of opportunities for careers.

Cook: As the industry shifts, and the gender barrier dissipates, the opportunities for women in cooking are better than ever. The skills that we learn in the culinary arts can be applied to so many different areas in our lives. We learn organization, teamwork, cleanliness, food safety, sanitization practices, as well as the undeniably great skill behind the art of cooking.

Alexander Rutherford Scholarship

To recognize academic achievement of high school students and encourage them to pursue post-secondary studies. $2500. Must have a 75% minimum combined average based on five designated courses in at least one grade, may include any 2 options.

Planning for Post-Secondary: Grade 12 Checklist

Your time in high school has gone by quickly. Before you know it, you will have to make decisions about work or school. Let's ensure you are ready for your transition to post-secondary education and training! Admissions, timelines, money matters, and more...


Planning for Post-Secondary: Grade 11 Checklist

Your time in high school will go by quicker than you can imagine. Before you know it, you will have to make decisions about work or school. Check out the learning and career options that relate to your interests and note the admission requirements for your preferred programs. The choices you make now will open up your choices for the future.


Planning for Post-Secondary: Grade 10 Checklist

Your time in high school will go by quicker than you can imagine. Before you know it, you will have to make decisions about work or school. ​Plan now for success later. Begin exploring your interests. Would you like to pursue related courses or activities after high school?