Running Club News

April 17, 2017

Off and Running!!

The kids did a great job running the mile on Monday! We are going to repeat that next week and will try to get their mile times written down for them them take home.

We sure do have some speedy kids... one of our members did a smoking fast mile in about 5 minutes 15 seconds! WHOA!!!

Important Info

  • Group Picture... Please try to wear your running shirt to our next meeting on Monday! We are going to get a few group photos!

  • Photos & Videos... We couldn't get any this week... too busy handing out Popsicle sticks for laps and writing down times!

  • May 6th 5K at Mountain View HS... Mrs. Bryce, one of our coaches, is helping to organize this race for the MVHS Cross Country Team. We passed out a flyer on Monday, but here is the link if you/your child/your family would like to sign up!!

  • Running Homework... Any additional practice they can do at home is awesome! We had them run one mile on Monday, but they will need to work up to doing three times that for our May 5k! It will be totally fine for them to walk portions of the race, but having a bit more of a base than running with us once a week will really benefit them!

Contact Your Coaches!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please let us know!!

Nicole Gogolinski

Lauren Williams

Sheryl Bryce...