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Headteacher Newsletter - Friday 9th October

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1. Get The Duvets Out

2. Rowan's adventures

3. Hazel's exploits

4. Oak's endeavours

5. Head Boy & Girl Speeches

6. Half term Clubs

7. Forest School Sessions for NEW RECEPTION COHORT

8. New Logo

9. Christmas Lunch & Jumper Day

10. Gardening - a request for help

11. Messy Church

12. Early Help Clubs

13. School Improvement Activity

14. Safeguarding

1. Get The Duvets Out!

It must be a good week because I have gotten this newsletter out in the intended time...

The weather has certainly taken a turn for the worst, however, this has not stopped the troops of Bardwell getting outside to enjoy the autumnal delights; many of which you can see in this week's class updates. I'm certainly going to be bringing my conkers in next week for many a duel. It reminds me of my days at middle school - proudly swinging my 10er until it meets it match and subsequent doom!

Saturday and Sunday looks pretty drab on the weather front. Of course, this should never prevent getting outside on a nature walk and exploring our rural terrain. That said, sometimes, simply stopping by getting the duvets into the lounge and enjoying a good movie, with a cup of coco is a precious experience. Just 'Being' is important! There's also lots of time for sharing a classic story with the children...on the topic of books, I am extremely grateful to the PTA for purchasing Hansel & Gretel for Oak Class. This is their focus text, this term, as we strive to engage the children with our new writing approach, 'The Write Stuff'. Each child will shortly be bringing home this beautiful hardback version of the classic all for themselves, to keep! I am also pleased to confirm that the PTA will also be funding the class texts for Rowan and Hazel Class, too. Please do ask your child/ren to share the story with you in order to further engage, stimulate and deepen their experiences. It will whole-heartedly benefit them and their subsequent progress with reading and writing in school.

We now have the vast majority of your contact information up-to-date. Please, please, can you update your Arbor accounts with this crucial information. We require this in order to safeguard each and every child at the school. Of particular importance is making sure we have 2 contacts on file along with 2 telephone/mobile numbers for you in the case of an emergency.

I am super pleased to announce that we have now appointed our Head Girl and Head Boy(s) for the year. Maybe they can be challenged to write a section of the newsletter, moving forward?! Imo? Josh, Edward?

Have a great weekend everyone!

Mr Francksen

Current attendance (year to date): 97.3%

2. Rowan's adventures...

Rowan Class have been investigating all things Autumnal and we now have a marvellous collection of burnt red, flaming yellow and crispy brown leaves. We’ve been learning the names of the trees in our school and we especially like the Horse Chestnut tree. On Thursday, five boys from Oak Class very kindly set up a conker hunt – the self-styled ‘Conkerteers’! We all got the chance to hunt for conkers and smash them out of their prickly shells. We will now drill holes into these and begin our conker competitions next week!

3. Hazel's exploits

We’ve had a great week learning about addition, recapping number bonds and exploring different methods to solve calculations including part whole models, number lines, place value counters and base 10. Our focus text in Literacy is Little Red Reading Hood by Lucy Rowland. We have been developing our vocabulary and using personification, repetition, pathetic fallacy, verbs and adjectives to rewrite the story as we progress through the plot points. The children are really enjoying the story and are adapting to our new scheme very well. In Science we have been learning about the different parts of plants and their function. In RE we are exploring reconciliation and discussed what this looks like. We have now received back most of the class questionnaires for Geography (thank you!) and we will soon be analysing the results. In PSHE we looked at desirable skills and qualities by deciding upon who we consider a superhero and why. The children came up with some lovely suggestions including their mum, dad, sister, teachers, doctors, vets and nurses.
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4. Oak's Endeavours

What a week it has been for Years 4, 5 and 6! A week of precious pot painting, a week of ‘Feasting’, a week of wonder, a week of friendship and love.

I am delighted to announce that our Head Girl for this academic year will be Imogen F and, after a tied election for the role of Head Boy, Joshua F and Edward R will work together as a coalition - a relationship which I know is destined to be a huge success. All candidates delivered confident, passionate and sincere speeches in front of the whole school and I look forward to working with them over the course of the year.

Please see their wonderful speeches below...

5. Head Girl and Boy Speeches

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6. Half term Clubs

Please complete the survey (below) if you’ve not already done so, to indicate your interest in FREE sports clubs over the October half term. These clubs require a minimum of 10 pupils, in order for them to be viable for us to run.

7. Forest School sessions for pre-school children

Mrs Boyd will be running FREE Forest School sessions for pre-school age children over the coming weeks. These are to promote the school and are especially suitable for those with a child due to start Reception in September 2021, although all pre-school children and their parents/carers are welcome to join us.

If you’d like to book a place, please complete the Google form, below.

We will send home a printed copy of the flyer with the eldest child in each family in the next few days - please do help us promote these sessions in any way you can.

If you have a child at a local nursery or pre-school, please ask the setting’s manager to display a flyer on our behalf, and do feel free to share the flyer on your own social media.


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Google Form

8. New logo on uniform - feedback

Some families have just received their first delivery of uniform items with the new logo on and we’re delighted with their feedback.

“Loving the new logo. Been a long time coming... Looking crisp and modern.”

School photos will be taken on 20th November so if you were thinking of ordering a new item in time for those, please ensure your order is with Gooddies (link below) by 15th October, for an end-of-the-month delivery.

9. Christmas lunch and Christmas Jumper Day

Is it too early to mention Christmas?! Our annual Christmas lunch will be on Monday 14th December - a traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings, followed by a favourite dessert. On this day, we will cater for all children at the school to have a hot school lunch unless we hear otherwise from you by Monday 30th November. This means that if you pay for school lunches you will be charged for lunch on this day.

Happily, this coincides with Save The Children’s Christmas jumper day so children (& staff!) are invited to wear a Christmas top instead of their school jumper or sweatshirt that day. Please ensure your child brings a monetary donation (£1 suggested) for Save The Children.

If you have any outgrown Christmas jumpers that you’d like to donate to the PTA’s stockpile, which can be shared with families that need one, please drop these off at the office.

10. Gardening - request for help

We will be having a delivery of topsoil next week to fill up our raised beds so that we can start gardening again. We’d love it if a parent (or two - maintaining social distance) could bring in a spade and move it from the bulk bag into the beds. If you can help, please let Mrs Allman or Miss Egmore know.

11. Messy Church

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Messy Church

Saturday, Oct. 10th, 2:30-4pm

Church Road

Bardwell, England

Welcome all children, their parents and all the young at heart!

For safety, please note:

Families will need to stay in their 'bubbles'

Please bring your own refreshments

12. Early Help Clubs

The after school sessions are proving to be very popular, particularly on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. If you have booked your child into a club and you then don’t need the place any more, please let the office staff know so that the place can be freed up for another pupil.

Also, please provide a healthy snack for your child to have part way through the session. Thank you.

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13. School Improvement Activity

  1. To implement high-quality numeracy across the school - I am delighted to announce that we are beginning the first year of a 4-year journey with the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM) to develop the vital skills and practices to build a sustainable, mastery approach to mathematics teaching and learning.
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14. Safeguarding

Please use the links below to learn more about important topics including online/social media, safeguarding and wellbeing resources, updates.

Speak Out Stay Safe

I am delighted to announce that the NSPCC's Speak Out Stay Safe programme is now on offer via online. We have, therefore, signed up for this and will be weaving it into our Framework for Independence/PSHE programme. To learn a little more, please see the link, below.