7th Grade ELA

Mrs. Long's English Language Arts Class

Reading Highlights

Students have just finished a novel study of The Giver by Lois Lowry. The unit required students to recognize and analyze elements of fiction, elements of science-fiction, and comprehend the development of themes, symbols, and motifs. Each night students were required to read, take Cornell Notes and respond to a video that related concepts from the novel to our world. During class, students engaged in a variety of activities to help them comprehend and analyze the literature. If your student hasn't told you about this novel, make sure you ask them about it!

Language Arts Musings

In conjunction with our novel study students engaged in an intensive journaling unit. Students were given 10 minutes to answer the daily prompt. The purpose of this activity was focused on improving students ability to create inferences, build their writing stamina, explore universal ideas, and improve their ability to elaborate on a given topic. In addition to journaling, students continued their study of Latin and Greek Roots. There is one more chapter left to complete this quarter. Time in class has also been allocated to review the format of an extended response. Students practiced writing, and analyzing extended responses individually, in groups, and as a class.

21st Century Learning

Technology is often prevalent within our classroom. Some students are bringing their own devices to class and accessing material digitally. All students have access to Canvas, our learning management system. Canvas is a great place for students to access material, submit work, engage in class discussions and know at all times what is happening in class. Next year, students will not be using Canvas in any of their classes, but they may be using Haiku. Haiku is very similar to Canvas in many ways, and Stevenson High School has even adopted it for their classes. We will continue to use Canvas however throughout the end of the year. The district is hosting a parent technology night right here at Daniel Wright. Visit this link to RSVP and submit questions http://tinyurl.com/ParentNightApr2

Differentiation and Enrichment

Throughout our science-fiction unit material has been differentiated to meet the needs of all learners. Students have had differentiated options when analyzing non-fiction articles related to their study of science fiction, and differentiated options in their video responses related to The Giver. An optional enrichment opportunity on Neuroscience Research is due on Monday, March 10th. This enrichment project addresses synthesizing multiple non-fiction sources, and public speaking through the use of digital technology (video conferencing). Today I shared with students a new optional enrichment opportunity focused on the extension of themes in our novel study. The Gathering Blue enrichment project addresses the themes of The Giver and Gathering Blue in addition to the self exploration of these themes. The project will be due Monday, March 31st.

Don't Procrastinate: What's Happening Long Term

Just a heads up, students have a few projects and assessments coming up that they should be preparing for.

Independent Reading Book Report

It was assigned today, and posted on Canvas. Students will receive a timeline graphic organizer to help them plan appropriately. The Book Report is due on Monday, March 31st.

Latin and Greek Roots Final

Each quarter students have a mini final exam over all the roots assessed throughout the quarter. Students should begin review roots from Chapters 11-14. The exam will be on Friday, March 20th and cover Chapters 11-15.

Coming Up Next

Next week we will begin a two week drama unit on the Christmas Carol. The study of this piece of literature is designed to expose students to the work of Charles Dickens. Students will be learning about this classic author while analyzing elements of drama. In language arts students will tie together the themes of greed, and utopian ideals in a writer's workshop where they complete an essay about the relationship between money and happiness.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Thursday, March 13th, 2pm

1370 N Riverwoods Rd

Lincolnshire, IL

Conferences will run from Thursday, March 13th to Friday, March 14th. There are still some time slots available. Sign up online by visiting the district website.

About The Class

Mrs. Long teaches 7th Grade English Language Arts, ELA. She supervises Early Morning Study Hall daily from 7-7:40am, and PASS on Mondays and Wednesdays from 2:45-4:00pm. These are great times for students to meet with her, or they can schedule an appointment to meet during lunch. Find out what the class is doing each day and assigned homework by viewing the Daily Agenda.