The Thwak Phenomenon

How YOU can be a savior to those who just need a thwak!

What is a "thwak?'

A thwak is a mix between a slap and a punch, but more memetastic.

You can become part of #thwakclub by thwaking those who are just total pieces of crap. Thwak those who don't flip their turn signal. Thwak those who stand around in the halls chatting to some friend. Thwak thwak thawk.

You know you want to thwak that one person in your life. Take action, and join #thwakclub!

Our own innovated Thwaks

Become one of us!

Join #thwakclub by sharing your thwak with the hashtag #thwak! We'll only take the best thwakers out there!

What we're looking for in a Thwaker- clean thwaks, hard thwaks, bruises, blood clots, black eyes, and the very best- unnoticed murders. ;)