A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Enjoy your work!


In this task you will be asked to find a picture that is meaningful to you and write two paragraphs about it.

In the first paragraph you will describe your picture. You can write about what you see in the picture, when and why it was taken, etc.

In the second paragraph you will write the reasons for choosing the picture. You can write why you chose the picture, where you found it, why it is meaningful to you or to others.

Each paragraph should be 6-7 lines long.

Don't forget to write an opening and a closing sentence.

Pay attention to spelling, punctuation and grammar!

You have to hand in you work by May 1st 2014.

What to check

I found a picture that I thought was meaningful to people my age.

I described the picture in words.

I explained my choice.

I used appropriate vocabulary.

I checked my grammar.

I checked my spelling.

I checked my punctuation.