Free License Plate Lookup Online

Perform a free license plate reverse search owner online

How to Perform a Free License Plate Lookup?

Do you have a terrible experience with an annoying driver? (Well, it’s obvious you got pissed off). But that’s only the start of your worries. You later discovered that the driver is dating your daughter. (Now, that’s a surprise). Fortunately, a law enforcer solved the issue, but you’re not contented. An idea hits your mind – I’ll perform a free license plate lookup.

That sounds great. You’re like a detective who wants to dig skeletons on that driver’s closet. But wait – you said “free license plate lookup” but is that possible?

free license plates lookup

Free License Plate Lookup Owner

Yes, accessing a person’s or driver’s plate number information could be perform online according to some vehicle agencies. You couldn’t access the following information:

  • Plate holder’s name
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Social Security number

So, you leave the license plate lookup in the hands of the authorities such as the police and law enforcement officers.

Too bad because you can’t access a person’s plate number for free.

Don’t feel sad because there are exceptions and ways on how can you run free license plate reverse lookup. Let’s start with the Motor Vehicles Agency.

People who have valid reasons to lookup a license number (an example is after an accident) can request information from the motor vehicles agency. (That’s great!) You can access information for free, but it depends on the state.

Some states may charge you a fee for mailing a printout.

dmw license plate lookup online

DMV License Plate Lookup and Other Options

Here are the simple procedures you can follow:

File Your Request

You can file a request in writing or go to the agency directly (DMV). If you valid or genuine reasons:

  • You fill out essential forms to indicate your address.
  • You would declare that you understood the legal implications of accessing private information.

You Receive Feedback

Once the application is approved, the agency would do the following:

  • The agency provides you a sanitized record that includes clue about the driver such as name or lien holders.
  • In some cases, the agency wouldn’t provide the address and contact information of the plate number owner.
  • The agency might inform the driver that you’re looking for him or her.

Okay, you’re accessing the driver’s data through the agency, and that’s great. But what will you do if the agency declines your request?

First, you can ask in writing what’s the reason for the refusal. Then, you look for other options to run your free license plate lookup.

free license plate reverse lookup

Free License Plate Reverse Lookup

Visit 3rd Party Websites

Thanks to the internet, you can perform a free license plate reverse lookup. But take note that all third-party websites aren’t free. Some would charge you and worse – even provide you with outdated information.

So, before you visit or hire the services of third-party sites, you should understand how they work.

Subscription Fees

Most of these sites are free, but some websites charge you with subscription fees to access the site’s database. The average fee is $30, but the price depends on the report access you choose. Most service providers state the cost depends on data expenses, server maintenance, and time.

The Free License Plate Lookup is Confidential

The best thing about running a free license plate reverse lookup is the secrecy surrounding it. Yes, the plate owner wouldn’t know what you’re searching for him. But you’re only allowed to access the plate owner’s information if you don’t deprive or cause harm on the plate owner.

Website Collects Information from Different Sources

Third-party websites don’t collect information from vehicle registry agencies. Instead, they gain information from gas filling stations, courts, statistic, and insurance records. Hence, you gain more detailed information than you expect.

So, before you visit websites, make sure that the website’s services are free and there aren’t any hidden charges. The website should have the credibility to provide information to clients. Also, don’t forget to run a Google safe browsing report on the website.


Through the report, you would know if the website is malicious or not. Make sure that the website information about a driver isn’t outdated. You need verified information before using it.

Now, you’re ready to perform a free license plate lookup. Remember the essential information you’ve read from this article, and you’re safe to do it.

Don’t be afraid to take risks in performing license plate lookup. Use effective options like the examples above and believe that your efforts would be successful.