Digital Drama

What is cyberbulling, and what can we do?

Did you know?

There have been reports of cyberbullies as young as 7 or 8

This issue effects all ages, even younger children are fully capable of inflicting severe emotional damage on others over the internet

90% of teens who use social media have seen others cyberbullyed and ignored it

Don't be a bystander. When you encounter cruel behavior towards others on the internet, tell someone! If you believe the cyberbullying you have witnessed may cause someone to hurt themselves or others, have your parents help you notify the appropriate authorities immediately.

Cyberbullies spend more time online than their non-bullying counterparts

Those who cyberbully might be the victim of a bad situation that drives them to immerse themselves online.
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81% of youth agree that it is easier to get away with bullying online

Harassing others over the internet is just as bad as offline bullying, and those who bully consistently over the internet are just as likely to be caught as offline bullies. Email, IP address and screen names can be used to track even those who believe themselves to be untraceable online.
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What can you do?

Protect those who are being bullied! Strength is in numbers, and standing up to cyberbullies, especially in large groups will discourage further bullying. If you do not feel comfortable doing this, tell a parent or teacher what you have seen.
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