My Thoughts


I started dancing when I was 2 years old. Although I was only 2, it clicked. I started at this studio called The DanceWorks when I was 6. I danced there for 5 years, then I got on the competitive team. It is so fun to compete because when you get a good placing, you feel accomplished and you make your teacher proud.

How it Affects Me

Dance lets me unleash inner thoughts I have crammed in my head. It lets me be who I want to be. So I may not be able to go to football games or after school events, but I still make time for friends.

What I Feel About It

When I walk into my dance studio, I leave all the negative energy behind. Usually when I do that, I feel happy afterwards. I have really great friends in dance, too. Each of us encourages each other to do the best we can. That is what makes us a team.


Dance is a big part of my life and I plan to keep dancing as long as I can. It lets me be myself without being shy. It is something that I feel comfortable with and it makes me feel good.