Communist or Democratic

Which one would you chose ?


North Korea is a communist country, which means that land and money is controlled by the government. South Korea is a democratic country. The story pretty much goes, North wants to be grown, and they invade the South. The South was supported by USA. But no one declares war including the USA. This led to the Vietnam War. tension increased during the cold war and Truman's power increasesd


While North had major issues, we had great support until . . . The US knew they were losing. But while US was in control they pushed out the French because the USA did not support communism. But then things started to change. North Korean patrol boats attacked the US but warships didn't really turnout but the US still lost. They spent over 100 billion dollars and 58 thousand soldiers died

Final Question

I think the main cause of independence is the new leaders, they have there vision the ruins that country and those people. Hitler, for example he wanted to make the Jews "pay". They honestly didn't do anything but yet he caused the problem. Another person is the Islmaic people. They want things done their way or no way . . . If it's not their way you'll die