Infectious Diseases-Ebola

By:Mary Lubus


Ebola is a type of a virus that causes a serious disease. This virus is a parasite. A parasite is a virus that lives off its host without offering anything in return. Viruses can affect everything that lives like animals, plants and bacteria. Virus can be found in land, water or even air. In this pamphlet I am talking about symptoms,cause,transmission,epidemiology,treatment.


This virus attacks the Immune System. The average person that has Ebola can go for two to twenty-one days before it really attacks the body. Ebola can start with symptoms like body pain,fever, headache, red eyes,sore throat, a rash and even vomiting. Then it travels through the body hurting all of the organs.The affected person's mouth, nose, ears and eyeballs bleed. Ebola can get worse and cause life-threatening symptoms, such as bleeding and trouble breathing.

This disease can get very deadly if you do not treat quickly or right away.

Some are the Symptoms are

Fever,Severe headache,Muscle pain,Weakness,Fatigue,Diarrhea,Vomiting,Abdominal (stomach) pain,Unexplained hemorrhage (bleeding or bruising).


It can get spread by bacteria. This disease can get spread when someone touches a body fluid(For example spit from a sick person). Ebola does not float through the air. Or it can not be spread by foods and drinks. You can not catch it through the air (For example like a cold or the flu). It also can not be spread by food and drinks either. It can only be spread by bodily fluids or by touching the bacteria of a sick person.


This disease can be spread by direct contact(through broken skin or mucous membranes. For example(the eyes, the nose or the mouth). This disease can also be spread through blood or bodily fluid from a person that have Ebola.For example Ebola can be transmitted through urine, saliva , sweat, vomit and semen. It can be spread by the sharing of needles and syringes. It can be spread through infected fruit bats or primates. It can also be spread by contact with semen from a man who has recovered from Ebola (for example, by having oral, vaginal, or anal sex).


Ebola was found in 1907, but most researchers believe that Ebola was around for much longer. Ebola is named after the Ebola river near Yambuku, the Democratic Republic of Congo. In Africa was the first place that they found the first chase of Ebola in a patient. Ebola hemorrhagic fever, the disease caused by Ebola virus, can kill up to nine out of every ten people infected with it. Ebola mainly attacks health care workers and family members treating infected patients.

Endemic,Epidemic or Pandemic

This disease can go under all of them because this disease is very deadly and can be spread to communities and many people can get this disease at once. But this mostly can go under an epidemic diseases because it does not spread worldwide like a pandemic but it is not an endemic because it can travel through many countries.


This disease is hard to stop once it had begun. One of the ways you can keep it from spreading is to quarantine, or keep separate from people who have the disease. Anyone treating a patient with Ebola has to wear protective goggle,gowns,gloves and masks. Researchers have been studying animals and their immune systems that can cause it. Researchers hope to develop a vaccine. The National Institute of Health(NH) will soon begin to test the vaccine in people to see if it works. Ebola virus is still waiting for answers though. This is why scientists are working so hard to find a cure.

Prognosis for the future

In the future, a successful vaccination might help the world get rid of the Ebola disease. Ebola definitely has the highest death rate and the worst symptoms to go with it. This disease will definitely nomatter what way you look at it.

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