Primary-Pride, Pride!

April 2022

Pleasanton Primary Mission Statement

The Primary family is devoted to educating and inspiring all students academically, socially, and emotionally by giving our love and instilling integrity. We will model the importance of family, faith, and wisdom with our leaders of tomorrow.

Pleasanton Primary Vision Statement

The vision of Pleasanton Primary School is to equip and empower a community of lifelong learners with the foundation to lead and succeed in our rapidly changing world.

Grade Level Student Goals

Special Education

Language Arts-Students will identify sight words, use sight words in a sentence, and create their own sentences.

Math-Students will learn place value for tens & ones, tall & short, and building shapes using objects.

ECSE-Students will work on language acquisition, review numbers 1-10, colors, shapes, and learn letters W, X,Y,Z.


Language Arts-Students should be able to identify 25 uppercase and lowercase letters and produce 18 sounds.

Math-Students should be able to identify numbers 0-9, count 0-9 items and count past 28.


Language Arts-Students should be able to read and spell CVC words.

Math-Students should be able to orally count from 0 to 100, and from any given number (ex: start at 46 and count to 100). Students will also be able to write numbers 0-20.

First Grade

Math-Students should be able to identify coins by name and value. Students will be able to count a collection of similar coins, and count a collection of dimes, nickels and pennies.

Lanurage Arts -Students should be able to decode and spell words with oo, ew, and ue.

Fantastic Fridays

When your child attends school Monday through Thursday with no absences, they earn a privilege on the Friday of that particular week. We refer to this as Fantastic Fridays (FF) on the monthly calendar.

April 1-Pencils from the Teacher

April 8-Stinky Feet Friday

April 22-Inside Out/Backwards Day

April 29-Hat Day

Important Dates to Remember

April 4th-Kinder cap and gown pictures

April 4th-School Librarian Day

April 8th-Special Education Field Trip

April 8th-Perfect Attendance Drawing

April 8th-Progress Reports go home

April 14th-Easter Celebrations

April 15th-NO SCHOOL

April 18th-NO SCHOOL

April 20th-Kid Career Pictures

April 22-Earth Day Projects

April 29th-PK Field trip(rescheduled from March)

April 29th-Progress Repots Go Home

2021-22 Lunch and Learn

April 11, 2022

12:15 p.m.

Preparing for the Next Stage

From Elementary to Junior High to High School to Adulthood-each stage brings its own challenges. Learn some practical ideas to consider when your child moves to the next stage and prepares for life in the real world.

Counseling Corner with Mrs. Andrada

6 Positive Discipline Techniques

The ultimate goal of effective discipline is SELF-DISCIPLINE! Children need to learn to control their own behavior!

1. BE CONSISTENT! The #1 key to effective discipline is to ALWAYS be consistent! Children need limits to feel safe! To feel that their world is stable! By being consistent with structure & discipline you are communicating to your child that they are safe & secure! If a rule is worth making, then it’s worth sticking to it!

2. STRUCTURE! Again, children aren’t ready to navigate the world on their own yet! That’s why they need YOU! By setting structure to their days you are teaching them to navigate their own little worlds & as they grow and mature they are able to experience & handle more of the big world out there!

3. REWARD! Notice positive behavior! Catch your child being good! If your child is trying to get attention – give them MORE attention for being good, NOT for misbehavior! If you spend more time talking to your child when they misbehave then you are reinforcing their misbehavior!

4. LET GO! Sometimes a big mistake offers a GREAT learning experience. Don’t try to solve all of your child’s problems for them. It’s better for your child to learn life lessons little by little while they are under your roof than all at once when they move off to college!

5. TAKE TIME!! Spend at least 15 minutes a day loving on your child J Before bed is a GREAT time to do this! Children DO want to talk to u!!! Kids tend to open up more as they are resting in bed before going to sleep!

6. CONNECT! Connect the cause & effect of choices. Each decision we make has a consequence, whether it is a positive or negative one. Involve your child in decision making & teach them to see the effect of their decisions.

Students of the Month

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Pre-K: Levi A

Kinder: Aliyah M

1st Grade: Modesta T

First Grade Field Trip- San Antonio Zoo

ABC Countdown to the End of School

Summer is right around the corner! Help us celebrate the last 26 days of school by participating in an ABC countdown. Starting on April 21st, follow the calendar below for the letter of the day idea.
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Positive Words for a PISD Staff Member

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Amazing Primary Team!

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We are the Eagles!

The soaring, soaring Eagles!

From Pleasanton Primary School!

We are Safe,

We are Obedient,

We are Accountable,

We are Respectful!

S-O-A-R --S-O-A-R-- S-O-A-R --SOAR!