Ocean Pollution

Science Poster

5 ways humans negatively the ocean

1.Over Fishing-Like when fishers fish to much fish and it threatens their population sometimes

2.Pollution-the trash that we just toss and it can end up in the ocean and damage stuff

3.Oil Spills-the chemicals kill the fish and destroy their homes

4.Runoff-fertilizer gets in rivers or streams and get in the ocean and damage the fish

5.Human Development-building around the coast will cause more pollution for the ocean

5 ways Humans positively affect the ocean

1.EPA has implemented pollution control programs

2.recycling instead of throwing the trash in the water

3.Not using so much fertilizer so it doesn't get into runoff and the into the water

4.Creating Artificial Reefs

5.laws that only allow you to take certain amount of fish when you fish


The effect on ecosystems

Oil Spills kill thousands of organisms in the ocean.

Also runoff from fertilizers in run off get into the ocean and also kill lots of organisms and ruin their living space.