If fast pitch was easy, they would call it baseball.

Top 3 Players of 2014

1.) Lacey Waldrop

Lacey was in the circle for 257 innings and left batters at an average of .184 while up to bat. Her total record of strikeouts is up to 680. On her team, she is on the 9th spot in all of Florida State history.

2.)Ally Carda

Ally has pitched 230 strikeouts. She also has a .394 batting average. Ally plays for UCLA. She is in third place for number of bases stolen with a grand total of 9. She is tied in second with doubles, she has earned 11 so far.

3.)Sierra Romero

Sierra is a power hitter with a batting average of .491. In the 2014 season she hit 74 runs and 4 grand slams which is amazing. She has an on base average of .909 which is almost every time she is up to bat. As she grew into the 2015 season she moved from short stop to second base.