How To Play Major League Baseball!

By Cooper Hedges

Chapter 1 Introduction

Have you ever played Baseball? Well I will teach you everything you need to know about Baseball. The first Chapter will be about the top 5 Baseball teams. The second chapter will be about what you shouldn't do in Baseball. The third chapter will be about what you should do in Baseball. The fourth chapter will be about the rules in Baseball. Then the last chapter will be about the equipment you need! So if you read this book then you'll be a pro!

Chapter 2 Top 5 Baseball Teams

Do you know the top 5 baseball teams? Well I will start of telling you them. #5 is the Los Angeles Dodgers. There colors are blue and white. They have won 3 world series. #4 is The San Francisco Giants tied with the Boston Red Sox. The San Francisco Giants colors are Black and Orange. The Boston Red Sox colors are red, white and blue. They both have won 5 world series. #3 is the Oakland Athletics. Thee colors are Green and Yellow. They have won 7 world series. #2 is the St.louis Cardinals. There colors are red and white. They have won 18 world series! #1, The best baseball team is of course the New York Yankees. There colors are Blue and white. They have won 27 world series!

Chapter 3 What You Shouldn't Do In Baseball

Do you know the Things you shouldn't do in Baseball? Well I will tell you. 1. You should never ever punch! You'll get get in big trouble! 2. You shouldn't swing batt backwards. Or else you will not ever get a hit! You will also hit the catcher with your bat and he will end up with a bloody nose! You will not want that! 3. Never ever run the bases backwards! Always start from the right side! If you run the bases backwards you mite even Puke! So listen to this stuff and you will not lose a single game!

Chapter 4 What You Should Do

"Yay!" "We won!" "Yay!" I will tell you the things you should do in Baseball. 1. You should swing the batt the Right way which is where the Baseball is being pitched! 2. Always run the bases the right way which you start on the right side. 3. Always use your hips to hit a home run, a 2 run home run, a 3 run home run even a grand slam! which is 4 runs! So remember to listen to all these things you should do!

Chapter 5 Rules

Always follow the rules in Baseball! 1. Always listen to your coach! Always! You can't annoy him or her. 2. Always trie your best! Always give 110%! 3. Always swing the Batt the way you Right. if you Right, Right then swing right. If you are Left handed then you swing Left. Remember these rules and follow them

Chapter 6 Equipment

Equipment is very important in Baseball!!! You need your team jersey! Your team cap. You also need Baseball pants. You also need a batt and a glove. You can get fancy and get batting golves and a bag but i'm just telling you the basic stuff. So do everything I told you and do it! So see you next time!