12thGrade College&Career Curriculum

Quarter 1 Meeting - September 21st


Through quarterly meetings starting in 7th grade and continuing until the end of 12th grade, the purpose of College and Career Curriculum is to generate a more educated and informed student. It is my hope is to instill confidence within students by the creation and completion of a well-informed and meaningful post-secondary plan.

Senior Year - ACT

The theme for Senior C & C Curriculum is ACT. A student's senior year is a time to do, to act, to put all the knowledge and preparation into motion and proceed towards a post-secondary outcome!

In our first meeting on September 21st, the seniors will both be confronted with important items on their to-do list for their senior list, but also a sense of reassurance that as long as they stay informed, organized, and can prioritize - they will survive this crazy time.

We will be discussing the importance of a Senior Plan, talking about the Capital Area College Fair in the fall, directions to retaking the ACT, the importance of the college/military/workforce representatives that come to Triopia, and updating their activity records on Career Cruising.

Upcoming College and Career Curriculum Topics

Quarter 2 - Job Shadowing / Scholarships/FASFA

Quarter 3 - March College Fair / Award Letters / Loans & Grants

Quarter 4 - Final Transcripts / Summer Melt