The Year of the Hangman

By: Gary Blackwood


  • Place: New Orleans at Benjamin Franklin's house, and at the Print Shop
  • Time: 1777

Main Characters:

Creighton Brown, Colonel Gower, Hale, Peter, Sophie, Benjamin Franklin, Benedict Arnold

Main Conflict:

Creighton was taken and had to live and work in New Orleans, with the fake identity of a servant.

Main Events from the book:


Creighton Brown ( a British boy) was taken on a ship while on his way to his house.


Creighton met his uncle the Colonel and they got on a ship to take Creighton to Florida but, they were stopped by Benedict Arnold and they were taken to New Orleans.


Creighton met Benjamin Franklin and Sophie. Benjamin Franklin challenged Creighton to a game of cards to determine whether or not Creighton would have to work for him, Benjamin Franklin won so Creighton ended up having to work for him


Creighton had gone out and found Hale and the colonel and he was told that he needs to spy and that he needs to bring them a pistol so that they can escape.


Creighton woke up to Brits that were disguised as Indians burning down the Print Shop. Creighton went out there to stop and them and soon Franklin came out and he and Creighton tried to get types out of the burning shop but, it had collapsed on them. Later on in the week Franklin ended up dieing.


Since Benjamin Franklin had died Peter, Benedict Arnold, and Creighton came up with a plan that they would pretend that they were switching side to the British. When they got to Great Britain Benedict Arnold and the Colonel Gower started a duel and, during the duel the Colonel got shot and died. The Colonel whispered and jail and jail cell number into Creighton's ear. The three men went to the jail and jail cell thinking that General Washington was in it but, Creighton's father Harry Brown (who they thought was dead) was in the cell. They helped Harry escape the prison.