My Daily Life

How often I do my routines


I get up very early at half past six ., I always use my alarm clock. I brush my teeth and I take a shower. After that, I get dressed and I often have a healthy breakast at seven o'clock.

I often ride a bike to go to school but I sometimes go by bus when it´s a rainy day. I go to my lessons at eight o'clock and I have lunch at school at twelve o'clock.


After lunch, I do my homeworks at home. Then, starts my favourite time of the day . I often play basketball at the park but I always look outside the window to check what´s the weather like beacause if it is rainy or very cold I sometimes play video games at home with my sister or I watch TV.


When the evening comes, I am always very tired so I have dinner with my family and I read for a while, I call this moment "my relax time". Finally, I go to bed at seven o'clock.