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Welcome to our team incentive/challenge for the month of July! I am so glad you are taking this challenge! Attached is the updatedspread sheet for week 1. During the next 4 weeks, you will see your business grow if you complete as many of the tasks listed. We will have weekly winners as well as overall 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. To be considered for the top three prizes, you must teach at least one class this month and enroll one wellness advocate. The top three with the most points will win some great prizes! Please use the attached form to fill out and return to me on the 12th. I will send you week 2 when you turn in week 1. Some items this week are things you can get points for doing daily, like sampling, contacts, personal development. Then there are one time events, an upline check in call, convention or going to see Dr. Hill. If you have any questions about anything this week, please contact me.

Personal development consists of reading a book that will help you grow as a leader, a friend, a Wellness Advocate, etc. It can be the Bible, a self help book, motivational articles or even webinars.

One of the listed items is listening to a weekly team call/webinar. Most of these are posted on FB. If you are not on FB, please get with your upline for a call in number. Our upline, Nicole Vincent does a weekly call that is 30 min and includes product info and business tips. I would suggest this one. They are every Wednesday at 1:30pm central time. If you cannot make her call, she posts them on vimeo shortly after the live call. Here is that link:

Our cross line Jenn Oldham, has a great 20 min call on Monday’s at 11am central. Register here:

I am confirming that Jared is still doing his Monday calls and will get you that number. Note on the spread sheet which you listen to each week.

For those of you that do not have a corporate event, like Dr. Hill, in your area this month, watch this webinar with Emily Wright for your credit:

Each week will have a winner from all sheets turned in. Please make plans for our big team party on August 1st6:30pm for all who participate. RSVP byJuly 28th. If you would like to bring your spouse or a date, that is fine, just no children please. We will announce winners and give out gifts to all who participated all four weeks! We’ll have a fun time hangin’ together and eating dinner!

Again, please call with any questions. There is still time this week to join the challenge, so please contact your team/builders and have them email me and I will add them to the list.

Here’s to a successful July!

Caroline Vinal

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