Dunbar Career Day

2016 Inaugural

Our special day is coming soon...

As Career Day approaches, the coordinating committee would like to offer a list of possible questions students could pose to our guest speakers and a couple of reminders about etiquette.

Possible Questions

Possible Questions for Students to Ask Career Day Guests

(Please tailor to the age and grade-level students of your students)

1. Would you please describe a typical day or typical tasks in your job?

2. Do you work primarily alone or with others? What are the best and worst things about your work with other people?

3. What do you like best about your work? What do you like least?

4. What are some typical kinds of decisions you have to make at work?

5. What is the salary range for this type of work? What other benefits (health insurance, vacation time, discounts at local businesses, etc.) come with this job?

6. How does your job affect the rest of your daily life?

7. What kind of training or education does a person need for this job? What are the skills needed for this job?

8. What personal qualities (emotional, physical, and mental) does a person need in order to do well and be happy in your job?

9. What things did you learn in school that help you most in this work? What hobbies or activities outside of school have important lessons for this work?

10. What can I do now to help prepare me for this career?

11. Would you allow me to arrange a job shadow if I wanted to learn more about this career?

A few reminders for our students...