Steel City Dots Code Blue Booking Blitz!

Get the paddles out... STAT!!!!

Some of you have AMAZING trunks show schedules for April and some of you have expressed concern about you'd like to book more trunk shows. So.... I thought we should INJECT some FUN into booking! Let's get the paddles out STAT and shock our businesses! Let's not flatline! Here is your CODE BLUE challenge! We thought it would be fun if you did this with a partner -so find a booking partner or we can find you one (if you need one, you can post on our FB page and we can hook you up!) You can also do this challenge as a lone cowboy if you like, but partnering up doubles your chance at winning!

For every new trunk show that you book between now and April 15th you will get a sticky note up on the wall, and every sticky will go into a draw for 2 new tote bags!! If you partner up with someone and their name is drawn, then you win too! We will start a CODE BLUE thread on our Facebook page, so when you get a new booking, post there! We will also have a separate thread to declare your partner and to find a partner.

Here are some fun ideas for trunk shows:

1. Office Show! These are usually easier to book in tight, as the hostess doesn't have to clean or provide snacks! Do you know someone in an office that has a boardroom/lunchroom where you could set up your gems? The hostess can email everyone at her office a save the date and then email them again when you arrive and set up as a reminder. She can pass out some lookbooks ahead of time to get people excited. The great thing about office shows is they are fast, and men at the office can be invited too - (remind them that Mother's Day is coming and you can help them pick a gift for their wives or mothers - the Charm Collection is perfect for that).

2. Mother Daughter Tea Party! I have done this one a couple of different ways: With mothers and their young daughters and with women my age and their own mothers. Both have been very successful. Young fashionistas LOVE a tea party and I found the moms purchased for their daughters AND for themselves. I did the "adult" version around Mother's Day it was fantastic - Mother's love to spend time with their adult daughters and what's more fun than shopping together?

3. Fundraising Trunk Show! Who do you know that is involved with a charity? Charities would love to have free jewels to raffle/auction off. If they would prefer money, then you could donate your commission (or a portion of it) and you could keep the free jewelry (ie. you do a trade). If the charity wants the jewelry then in the past, I have paid for the tax on the jewels as my contribution to the cause if I was keeping the commission. April is Autism Month and we will have specific jewelry pieces where the proceeds from those items will go to an Autism charity. Do you know anybody connected to that cause?

4. Book Club Trunk show! I once did a book club trunk show where the "book" was the lookbook!! Super fun! You could "discuss" fashion trends as the book club topic.

5. Individual Orders Trunk Show! It only takes 4 unique orders and $300 in retail sales for a party to qualify. So why not advertise a Mystery Host Party? Let potential customers know that if they place an order, they have a chance to win all the Style Rewards! That's about four or five outside orders and your customers have great odds in winning the rewards! To help find people to call, go to your contact list and target those with "Wish Lists" and ask if you can help them start their order.

6. Spring Bling Trunk Show! We are about to launch our new Summer Collection which includes jewels, scarves and handbags! This is the most exciting news all year - so leverage It!! Contact all your past hosts and all new warm leads and ask if they want to be a Special Debut Host for a new exclusive product line. Make it exciting and make them feel special about specifically asking THEM. Usually people are quite receptive to new product launches. It could even be a BAG party to celebrate our new launch!

7. Theme Trunk Shows! How about a Muffins and Mimosas Trunk show? Style Makes Me Happy Hour? Champagne & Cupcakes? Java & Jewelry? Jewelry & Jammies? There is a stylist on our team that had a Man party where they watched football, ate wings and drank Stella Beer while shopping for the wives!

Alright ladies!! GO!! Put the Paddles to your business and shock it back to life!! I can't wait to see how many shows we book and which two lucky stylists will be rocking their new totes!!


Get excited!!!


Let me know if I can help you with your business!!