Monday, April 26, 2021

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Dear Families,

Happy Monday!! We hope everyone had a wonderful break this past week. Having the week off from school, we hope afforded everyone the opportunity to enjoy family and friends safely and have some relaxation time. I enjoyed a bit of a staycation. I was able to work for a few days and be home which allowed me to do some things that are often hard to do while working full time. As we returned today, we now begin the wrap up of this challenging year. CPS will begin their all in person school this week and NHS will do the same in the following week. It is so important that we all remember to follow all of the safety protocols so we can stay in school this way. I am keeping the link for the revised protocols for in school safety as a reference below, with other information that has been shared.

Every year our School Council puts on a luncheon for our staff to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week. We would like to do this again this year. Yet, we know this will have to look different as we cannot have any homemade items. The NES School Council has reached out to local restaurants to get quotes for preparing a luncheon. They have decided on 45 Surfside as the most reasonable and complete menu. Teacher Appreciation Week is May 3 - May 7, 2021. We will celebrate our staff during that week, and we have scheduled this luncheon for our staff on Wednesday, May 19th. This is our last half day for professional development. We hope that you will consider donating to the luncheon cost so we can do this for the staff who have gone above and beyond all expectations in this wild year! We will be collecting cash, checks made out to 45 Surfside, and gift cards to 45 Surfside in our front office at NES beginning tomorrow (Tuesday, 4/27). In advance, we are grateful for your anticipated generosity. A flyer was sent home today through Aspen email and we will also be sending a hard copy of this request home with your child.

As mentioned above, we are wrapping up the school year. This means that teachers are beginning the student placement for classrooms for the 2021-2022 school year. A few weeks ago, we shared a letter with you regarding placement in Aspen, and it went home in backpacks as well. You will have until this Friday, 4/30 to share any pertinent information you would like us to have and consider in regards your child's placement for next school year. Please email this information to me at

ARRIVAL AND PICKUP REMINDERS (These reminders are listed below, but I was asked to share them again as there were significant student safety issues presented recently.)

I have been asked to share a safety reminder for vehicle drop off in the morning. If you are driving through using the Cross Campus Road, please have your students get out on the Driver's side of the car. It is not safe for them to get out on the passenger side as there is no waiting area. If you are using any of the circles, the children should be getting out on the passenger side of the vehicles. I cannot stress enough, if you have to get out of your car to escort your child to their class line, YOU MUST PARK YOUR CAR. YOU SHOULD NOT GET OUT OF YOUR CAR IN ANY OF THE CIRCLES. We have staff ready to open car doors to let your children out safely.

In addition, the parking lot on First Way is only for staff. No parents should be in that lot in the morning or in the afternoon. We have had staff have to wait for their assigned parking spot in the morning, because a parent was parked in their spot. In the afternoon, more than 200 students walk near the First Way lot to meet the club crossing. While we have staff who escort them, there are families who are trying to pick up kids in the back lot. This is incredibly unsafe to have moving traffic back there.

Know that parking is at a premium all around the campus. We have even had to assign staff spots in the Backus Lane lot just to account for all staff. It may be a great time to think about using the bus if you are eligible, especially in light of the sewer construction project.

REVISED NES Safety Protocols

As a reminder for the parents and guardians of our newest entrants, the second graders and preK students line up outside our front door. Kindergarten and first grade line up in the K circle at the back of the building. No adults are allowed in the building at this time, which means students get dropped off at their class lines.

As of now, having all of our students in person, there will be no google links for people to log on unless the child is in quarantine. Teachers and staff are really trying to put their energy into teaching all students in the room and not be splitting their attention with screens. We all know in person teaching is the most impactful instructional delivery mode for children to learn. In addition, we want to reduce the amount of screen time for our students.

The schedule for both groups (cohort A and D (all remote)) beginning 4/5 will be full days Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays (7:45 - 2:20) and half day Wednesdays (7:45 - 11:50).

Some other facts to take note of:

  • Wednesday will be a half day for in person students and remote students.
  • Students will stay in classroom groups. If there is a need for students to mix with another class or group of students, this will be done following all the safety protocols.
  • Lunch will still be the one time of day when ALL students must be at least 6 feet apart, like they are now, when eating. This applies to all times that the whole class may be eating.
  • We are working out how we will accomplish this, but are confident we have the space. We also look forward to warm weather days and classes going outside for lunch.
  • We will do everything we can to keep your child's teacher as is, but there may be a need to switch teachers if we need to balance a room or if a child is going from remote to in person or vice versa.
  • Students will be 3 feet - 6 feet apart in the classrooms.
  • Know that we will still be wearing masks, washing/sanitizing our hands per current protocols, and continuing with physical distancing. These measures are critical to ensuring the safety of students and staff.


Kim Kubisch and Kim Albertson

Upcoming Events


This week's update includes:

4/25 - 4/29

Sunday thru Thursday:

Continue gravity sewer installation on Surfside Road, progressing north towards Windy Way

Commence installation of force main pipeline (#48 Surfside towards Miacomet Ave.)



Trench paving

Two Week Look Ahead (5/02 thru 5/07) 4:00 pm - 2:00 am - Starting near 48 Surfside Road progressing south towards Miacomet Ave. This means a full road closure between Bartlett Road and Miacomet Ave. on these days.

Here is a link to visit for the project webpage that has very detailed information. They will regularly be updating this project webpage (weekly). The start date is now 4/12/21.

Parking and Driving on Campus

1. The parking lot on First Way behind the school is ONLY for staff. Student drop off or Parent Parking back there is NOT permitted. All of the spots are numbered and assigned to staff. When parents park back there, our staff are unable to get into the building to be ready for working with students. All the spots are assigned. There are no extra spots. This is no place for students to be walking. It is incredibly unsafe.

2. If you are driving into our drop off lanes from Backus Lane, the driver MUST STAY in the car. The child should get out of the car on the right side.

3. Cars should not pull around other cars on the left side in the circles. It is important to model safety and patience. We have observed so many near accidents.

4. If you wish to get out of the car, please park in the lot on Backus Lane and walk your child to their class line.

I continue to be grateful for all of your support in this very challenging time. I know that this is hard for all of you as it is for us too. I keep reminding myself that things will be better soon. I want to reiterate our need for a partnership in this pandemic. It is critical for you to respond to teachers' emails, phone calls, and remind messages. They know how hard it is for you. They are trying to keep you updated as often as they can. The favor of replies to their efforts to reach out to you would be greatly appreciated.

Counselors' Information (most recent on top)

4/26/21 - Parent Calming Techniques - click on this link for some ideas to assist at home if needed.

4/12/21 So many things cause our students, and ourselves, to experience strong emotions. Whether it’s losing a game, getting into an argument with a friend, or a disappointment, having intense feelings is part of the human experience. While we can't prevent our children from feeling these emotions, we CAN give them tools to process and cope with what they are experiencing.

One of our favorite tools to use for this is the circle of control. It’s a great way to encourage children to focus on what they can control instead of dwelling on the things that they can’t. Use the graphic below to help your child get a better understanding of what they can and can't control. Then have them come up with their own examples! This can be great for adults too!

See the Circle of Control Image Below!!

4/5/21 Here is a wonderful article on self care for parents and caregivers! 10 helpful tips to follow to be sure you are taking care of yourselves too!!

3/22/21 As you know, we are using the Second Step program in your child’s classroom. The Second Step program teaches children important skills for getting along with others and doing well in school. It also helps our school be a safe, respectful place where everyone can learn.

To further help our school be a safe and respectful place, we are also going to use the Second Step Bullying Prevention Unit. In the lessons, your child will learn specific skills to help stop bullying. We anticipate beginning these lessons in Grade 1 and 2 next week and in K shortly thereafter.

Students will learn how to:

• Recognize when bullying is happening

• Report bullying to a caring adult

• Refuse to let bullying happen to themselves or others

• Be a bystander who stands up and is part of the solution to bullying

Home Links will continue to be sent home with your child to help you understand what your child is learning about bullying at school. They also give your child another chance to practice skills for handling bullying. We need your support! Make sure your child knows to tell you or someone at school if he or she is being bullied. And give your child the clear message that it is never okay to bully others.

If you have any questions about the Bullying Prevention Unit or the Second Step program, please reach out to your child’s teacher or school counselor. Thank you for helping us make our school a safe, respectful place where everyone can learn.

3/15/21 Jeanne Clark and Lisa Hood, our school counselors, are excited about the progress with the Second Step Lessons this year in SEL! All grades will be finishing up the Problem Solving Unit in the next few weeks. Be sure to check out your child’s weekly playlist for the weekly lesson and supplemental activities for extra practice. Feel free to reach out to your child’s school counselor if you have any questions or if they can support you in any way.

Holly McGill, our School Social Worker, continues to work both with individual students and small groups focusing on specific Social skills, such as being a kind friend, coping skills and problem solving. If your child works with Ms. McGill be sure to ask them to share what they are practicing!

3/1/21 Our School Counselors and Social Worker (our Student Support Team) have asked me to share this information with you. We are hearing from so many of you about the struggles students are having with remote learning. Here is an article with some friendly suggestions and helpful hints! Also, please visit current and previous SEL playlists in Schoology. There is lots of information about how to help children manage their emotions!

Nurse’s Corner (most recent on top)

4/12/21 Spring is here and with that comes more pollen, if your child has a history of seasonal allergies this time of year, please let us know. This is not always noted on physical exam forms. Also with the warmer weather be sure to be using sunblock on your children and doing tick checks nightly! It is a great time to be outside more and please still follow social distancing and mask recommendations.

4/5/21 Spring is here and COVID is still here. We are all so happy to see all of our students today! Now that we are all back in school full time it is even more important to keep your children home if they are sick. NPS still encourages testing after travel even though the state has lifted the travel restrictions. We all want everyone to stay in school for the rest of the year and to do that we need to continue to be safe, including wearing masks, hand washing, not traveling and testing when you are sick. Please help us to keep our schools safe and open.

3/29/21 As the weather gets warmer it is important to get into the habit of daily tick checks. We are all spending more time outside and the ticks are out there. Not only do we have deer ticks but also the lone star tick has been found on Nantucket. A bite from the lone star tick can cause an anaphylactic allergy to red meat in addition to other tick borne illnesses. Please be sure to daily check for ticks on your children.

As we approach April vacation and full in person school, please continue to be mindful of travel, testing, handwashing and wearing masks. There is currently a spike on the Cape and it is important we do what we can to ensure we can remain in person for school.

March is here and spring and summer are around the corner. Before things start to get busier it is important to make sure your child has an appointment for their yearly physical and be sure they are up to date on their immunizations.

As far as COVID, we are not out of the woods yet! The guidelines for travel are changing and as of today, no test is needed if traveling to Washington, Oregon, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Missouri. Be sure to keep an eye on this prior to any April vacation travel!

I am really excited to have all of our students safely back in school in April! It is important for everyone to continue to mask, wash their hands and socially distance so we can have a safe school!


Kimberly F. Kubisch


Kimberly F. Albertson

Assistant Principal

Children with any illness symptoms

Please be sure to review the Home Screening survey with children at home before they come to school each morning. It is very important to not send children to school with any illness or with medications ingested to reduce symptoms.

Home Screening Protocol

Know that we understand and appreciate when you choose to keep your child at home because they have one of the symptoms or don't feel well, not necessarily COVID-19 positive but run down as happens to us all. With a bit of notice and clear communication to your child's teacher, they can work with you to determine the child's participation in synchronous and/or asynchronous work.