All About Me

Luke Henckel

  • I like to go fast and get muddy. Snowmobiling and fourwheeling are some of my favorite things to do. My favorite parts of riding is kicking out the back end and sliding sideways and going through the mud watching mud fly.
  • I've always loved to build things and rip other things apart. The first and second pictures are of a go kart I bought after it sat under a tree for ten years and I fixed. In the last picture is the people mover. My dad brought it home before it could be cut up and recycled. Its slow but its strong and pull a lot if it wants to cooperate.
  • Racing is something I've always wanted to do. On road racing is cool but short course is the best. The speeds are slower but with one ton of steel fling through the air its way better.

  • At school i like math and science class but school is not my favorite place to be, I would rather be outside, in the garage, or on my couch.