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Instructions Sentry Totem Totem belong winds

Instructions Sentry Totem Totem belong winds, not wind anger, Wrath of Air Totem Buff etc. coexist; sentry totem totem when you right-click on the Buff, between you and the totem switching perspective; Sentry Sentry Totem Totem Early there is little use when dropped from a height, using sentry totem, to avoid his death, was later amended Blizzard; In PVP, players Sentry mmors Totem is used occasionally, such as watch tower in Alterac Valley, Alaska Greek Basin sawmill on the overall trend observed, Warsong Gulch on the second floor, you can see the enemy coming from which direction to take the flag; in Strand of the Ancients battleground, sentry totem shaman defensive side effects, can take advantage of sentry totem vision, clear bombs planted in front from behind the door. Sentry Totem Impression Runescape Sentry Totem is one of the smallest changes in skills, from emergence to remove the other no one patch will make adjustments Sentry Totem. Sentry Totem almost been listed as one of the most useless skill Runescape, but in fact, there is so little useless sentry totem, such as after the players kill the Boss Theme by ...... Sentry Totem + vision surgery, can significantly increase the field of vision range, see some things you can not see. In PVP, to observe enemy movements Sentry Totem can play a good role, but the shaman's vision more suitable technique ...... Sentry Sentry Totem Totem postscript in my eyes, is a spectacle of what skills are not, it's Agential minimal. Blizzard originally designed for each skill, in fact, there are some more or less useful, sentry totem design intention is for entertainment, but in view of the time the shaman totem can only plug in the foot, a place you want to monitor, You have to run past totem plug ...... This is very strange. In the 'earth fission' in finally throwing a totem, totem can throw far, but the sentry totem gone ...... remove sentry totem, still we are not unexpected, maybe Blizzard is never how to modify the use Sentry Totem ideas. So as usual, or to commemorate it.