Battle of Caudine Forks (321 B.C.E)

Dylan Heifner and Meghan Hilscher

Before The Battle

The Romans had been at war with the Samnites for 6 years at the time of the battle. In the last battle the Romans had clearly beaten the Samnites, so they refused the peace treaty offered be the Samnites. Titus Veturius Calvinus and Spurius Postumius Albinus where the Roman consuls in 321 B.C.E, and Gaius Pontius was the Samnite commander.
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Map of Italy while still not completely controlled by Romans.

The Diversion

The Samnite commander at the time, Gaius Pontius, came up with a plan to dress ten of his men up as shepherds to tell the Romans that the town of Lucera was being seized.
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The Trap

The Romans fell for the diversion and entered the mountain pass and found both ends barricaded leaving them totally trapped.

The Romans are trapped! Now what?

Once the Romans were trapped in the gorge starving to death, the Samnites didn't know what to do with them, idiots. At first they suggested to kill them all and went with the boring option of making peace.

The Surrender

The Romans were forced to accept horrible terms including passing under the yoke.
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Ancient Rome History - Second Samnite War - 17

Video about Second Samnite War

play 5:30-7:58 a good summery of the battle.


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