The Sons Of Liberty

by Jaedyn Moody

thesis statement

how the Sons Of Liberty helped led to the American revolution.



The 13 colonies Boston, Massachusetts

People involved in the Sons Of Liberty

  • Samual Adams (the main dude)
  • Paul Revere
  • John Hancock
  • Patrick Henry
  • Joseph Warren
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Why the Sons Of Liberty were made

  • The Stamp act, a British tax that taxed newspaper , and all types of legal documents
  • The Tea act, which taxed tea and led to the Boston Tea Party
  • King George 3 was putting all these acts/laws on the colonist when he didn't even live in the 13 colonies

Purpose of The Sons Of Liberty

  1. The purpose of the sons of liberty was to perserve/protect the colonists rights and fight taxation by the British Parliment
  2. The sons of liberty were created because these shopkeepers were unhappy about all theacts/laws so they were gonna put an end to all the acts/laws

Description of what happened because of the tea act

Boston Tea Party- the sons of liberty dressed like indians and raided the 3 ships that were shipping tea. they then threw 342 boxes of tea off the ship into the ocean.
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interesting facts/ what they accomplished

  • they helped repeal most of the tea act
  • they used to be called "loyal nine"
  • the tea they threw over board weighed 92,000 lbs
  • cost or the tea $9,659 cost in todays time $1,700,000


The Sons Of Liberty were a group of shopkeepers who wanted their own rights . They they were brave people who helped fight against the British paraliment which soon led to the American Revolution .