Jacob's Rescue:A Holocaust Story

Erin Scanlon

Main Characters!

Jacob Gutgel was an 8 year old Jewish boy. His name was later switched to Genyek to hide him from the Nazis. Alex Rosan took Jacob in to hide him from the Nazis,he was the husband of Mela Rosan and the father of Yurek Rosan. Sholom an David were 2 Jewish boys the Rosan family took in. They were Jacobs brothers.


This book took place during the Holocaust in 1942. Alex and Mela saved Jacobs life as well as his two brothers Sholom and David. They risked there lives doing this. If the Nazis found out you would be killed.Not many Jews were recsued. Most were sent to concentration camps.During there time at the concentration camps many died and few escaped.


Alex risked his life to help Jacob escape from the Ghetto.Jacob then got diagnosed with scartlett fever and had to be brought to the doctors immedietly so Alex and Mela snuck him to the doctors hoping they wouldnt get caught. Last,The Rosans also took in Jacobs two brothers Shalom and David but Shalom got killed. I thought the award was well deserved after all they did.

"It's nothing,I'm sure"

Mela was strying to make Jacob feel better because she felt bad. At the time Jacob didnt know much about what was going on.