Mr. Bennett's Classroom Update

April 20th - May 1st


This week in writing we will be finishing up our second drafts of the first personal narrative we have been working on. We have been busy editing and revising these writing pieces and working to get a better understanding of the components of the personal narrative. We have been learning about two acronyms that help us when we edit (Complete sentences Uppercase letters Punctuation Spelling = CUPS) and revise (Add Remove Move around Substitute = ARMS). My hope is to have this personal narrative home to you by next Friday, May 1st.

Next week, in writing, we will be continuing our study of the personal narrative. We will be working through another personal narrative prompt. The prompt we will be using is, "A time when you felt happy." So if you have a few minutes you may want to visit with your Third Grader about some different ideas they may be able to write about.


Here is a breakdown of skills and strategies we will be covering over the next two weeks.

Week of April 20th:

Genre: Biography

Comprehension Skill: Problem/Solution

Comprehension Strategy: Rereading

Vocabulary Skill: Greek/Latin Roots

Grammar: Advers

Spelling Focus: Prefixes - Vowel Team Syllables

Spelling Posttest: THURSDAY, April 23th

Week of April 27th:

Genre: Expository Text

Comprehension Skill: Compare/Contrast

Comprehension Strategy: Reread

Vocabulary Skill: Context Clues

Grammar: Adverbs that compare

Spelling Focus: r-controlled vowel syllables

Spelling Posttest: Friday, May 1st

Home Reading Sheets (green sheet) will be due on:

- Thursday, April 23rd

- Friday, May 1st

If you are looking for ideas to check your student's reading comprehension at home here are some questions you might ask:

- Have your child identify a problem taking place in a book they are reading. Once they have identified the problem, have your Third Grader write down the steps the characters take to solve the problem along with the solution to the problem.

- Ask your student to compare and contrast two characters in the story they are reading (compare - how are the characters the same, contrast - how are the characters different).


In math, we have been reviewing fractions as well as adding some new fraction concepts in order to better prepare your child for Fourth Grade math. We have/will be working on ordering fractions with like and unlike denominators and adding fractions with like denominators.

Once your child has finished learning about fractions we will turn our attention to decimals. We will be learning about comparing and ordering fractions and decimals, comparing and ordering decimals, decimals greater than "1", and exploring tenths and hundredths.

Unit Studies

In Social Studies, we have studying goods and services, as well as, producers and consumers. This week we will be turning our attention to our 'Habits or Mind" lessons. In these lessons we will be exploring "Why there is a law that kids can't work." We will be studying several different documents and interviews from the past.

Next week, we will begin preparing for the Downtown Walking Tour. Your Third Grader will begin to learn about the history of some of the important buildings and landmarks in Downtown Lincoln. Your child will also be working on a presentation card, they will be using to present a building or landmark to our class on the walking tour. I will be providing your student with the information they need to complete this card and we will be finishing the card in class. The walking tour will take place on Friday, May 8th.

Odds and Ends

Library check-out dates:

Wednesday, April 22nd

Friday, May 1st

Remember next Tuesday, April 28th, is a PLC Day. Cavett will be dismissing at 1:33 pm.

We noticed an error on the April lunch menu for next week. The menu is correct, the error is with the numbering of Specials Days on for 2nd - 5th grade. April 21th should be a Day 5 and April 22nd should be a Day 6.

In an effort to promote family togetherness and a healthy lifestyle, the Cavett Wellness Team invites you to come to Cavett to Walk During Lunch the Week of April 27th-May 1st.

Please come join your child during their lunch recess and walk the Cavett track. Check the Cavett website for grade lunch/recess times. Tuesday, April 26th is a PLC day so lunch/recess times are adjusted slightly. If lunch time doesn't work for parents to come, we encourage you to walk the track in the evening with your child. You may choose to

eat lunch with your child. Be sure to reserve your school lunch a day early. If you bring a lunch to school to share with your child, we encourage no fast food meals and no soda's.

Are your children interested in a summer camp? Check out the 2015 Summer Clinic Brochure! Stop by the office to pick one up or go to to view it on the LPS website.