Extra Help

Just when you need it!

A Quick Review of Phase II-Friday 4/18@ Noon

Need a refresher on your outline or on Phase II of your research paper? Have questions about what to do now that you've actually started doing it?

Join me online for a webinar to get answers to those last minute questions and to get yourself moving in the right direction.

APLC Saturday Session-4/26 9AM-12PM

The AP exam on May 9th is just around the corner! What do you need to work on to prepare--Rhetorical devices, multiple choice, essay writing, pacing, etc? We'll have enough time to review it until you get it!

Are you coming? Let me know (as well as what you'd like to review) by sending me a quick email by clicking on the contact icon above, so I can plan for you.

Get a better grade--Guaranteed!