Mixed Nuts

The crazy story of a crazy family.


I am Rosebud. I like princesses. I also like fairies. I LOVE mermaids as well. I am 6 years old. I love Love LOVE LOVE LOVE Harry Potter.

Rosebud: My First Post!

This is my first blog. It is amazing. This is the one space where me and my family can express ourselves to the outside world. I love this space. I also love my brother. He loves Super Smash Bros and the Nintendo 64 console. Rosebud!!! I WAS GONNA TELL THEM THAT!!! Oh, looks like he is here now! I am so glad to have this family. And so begins the family blog.


I am Stan and Rosebud's Mom. I love Harry Potter. I also love my children, and am a faithful follower of God.


I love Super Smash Bros and the Nintendo 64. I also love the Wii console and Paper Mario. I am 12 years old.