Dairy for Adolescents

Prevent Osteoporosis

My Plate: Dairy's Importance

Dairy is important in our diets because it helps strengthen our bones in adolescents, it helps to provide minerals and vitamins such as Calcium, vitamin D, etc...Understand that our bones grow all of the time but they grow the most between ages 9-18, that means our need for calcium is greater in these years. This is helpful because at age 30 you begin to lose bone mass and that strength/buildup helps slow down the process and in some cases prevent osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis: What is it? How do I prevent it?

Osteoporosis is caused by low bone mass. What is it?:

  • weak bones
  • loss of minerals in bone (like calcium)
  • bones fragileness
  • bones break easier
How can I prevent it?:

  • building healthy bones in adolescents
  • healthy dietary choices
  • healthy lifestyle choices

Healthy Dietary Options and Recommendations

Make sure to incorroporate these things into your diet:

  • calcium
  • vitamin d
  • vitamin k
Dairy can give you calcium and vitamin d. If you don't like dairy products such as milk try some alternatives such as:
  • chocolate milk
  • yogurt
  • add small amounts of milk to your normal foods so that you can't really taste it.
  • cheese is a milk product but isn't necessarily as healthy as other products.