comets and deep impact missions

physical properties, location and movements

physical properties and location of comets!

physical properties:

-comets are a hard rock that circle around and also in our solar system

- when you look at pictures of space and see something like rocks those are comets!

-usally when there are moving fast they have fire behind them because gravity is pulling so hard on the comet its starts fire!

- there a icey rock/body that releases air/fire or gas.


-comets orbit around the sun!

-occasionally comets go into the inner solar system

-they are far behind the obit of pluto

deep impact mission phyiscal propertys

physical properties:

-they use a space ship to go up to space and study comets

-the space ship they use carries a set of instruments

- they also carrie the smart impacter

comets movements


-comets usually stay in the orbit belt

- sometimes when gravity gets them of track and looses control and they pass through the inner or outer solar system

-have you ever heard of a shooting star? thats a comet!

deep impact mission

deep impact mission location

once there spacecraft is ready and off the ground it gets on the path of the comets. It takes six years for the mission,start to finish. The spacecraft is on the orbit where the comets are on.

deep impact movements

they move towards the comets. They make sure for safety to not run into the comets. the flyby spacecraft maneuvers to a new path that, at closest approach passes 500 km (300 miles) from the comet.