Weekly Parent Newsletter

Making things easier with apps!

Hey Parents!

The school is introducing a new way for students to communicate with one another and collaborate on group projects. Our principal has done some research and he found that our students are in the Generation Z, or "digital native" cohort. Technology is what they were born with, and are tools that can increase participation in the classroom. So, there are a few mobile apps that he found that can help with that.

Before you go...

It is important to always observe and monitor your teens' behavior while on the internet. Yes these apps are for the classroom, but I want to make sure it is used in an appropriate way. If there are ANY problems, all priveleges when using these apps will be taken away and we will go back to the old way of doing things. The key lesson I want to convey is practicing professionalism whenever there is something that involves school. Have a safe and fun weekend, and I look forward to introducing these apps in class next week!