4K News-P.M. Class

Red Smith

November 14, 2014

Next Week...

  • Decorated feathers are due back to school Monday, November 17th.
  • Friday, November 21st there will be afternoon parent/teacher conferences.
  • Continue to send warm outside gear since the outside temperatures have been getting much cooler.
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F Writing on Friends Backs

We each had a partner and practiced writing the letter Ff on our friends backs. Try this at home...one person is the "paper" and one person is the "pencil". They all thought it was pretty fun when we wrote a smile face on their back and walked around with pretend smile faces:)

Letter G Activities


Letter Gg activities:

1. Make a picture using glue and gold glitter.

2. Put on and take off gloves.

3. Chew gum.

4. Eat gummy bears.

5. Pick up garbage.

6. Visit the grocery store.

7. Read The Gingerbread Man.

Please bring a show and tell object that starts with the letter Gg on Thursday, November 20st.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

It was so nice to talk with the 4K families that I had conferences with this week. You should all be proud of the progress your child is making. Continue to read with them daily and asking about their 4K day. Here are some helpful questions you could ask...

  • What did you do at table tops today?
  • How was snack...what did you have and who was the snack helper?
  • Did you have a classroom job today?
  • Tell me one thing you learned about today.
  • What was your favorite center today?