Present Continuous for arrangements


To do lists

Ask students to make to do lists for the following two days. They can write down their lists or they can use the online task management tool Do It Tomorrow.
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Arrangement Game

Students send messages to each other so that they make new arrangements for the following two days. They can send slips of paper to each other or you can use TodaysMeet to make the arrangements. Check out our meeting.

Find the gap

After completing their schedules for the following two days students in pairs have to find a gap in their schedules to make one more arrangement. Each pair starts up a private chat room using Chatzy. You can later print and download their conversation.
Here are our chatzys:
First pair
Second pair
Third pair

Diary Differences

Try to find the differences in their diaries with questions like “What are you doing at 5pm day after tomorrow?” and answers like “I’m going to my parents’ place for dinner” “Me too!”/“Really? I’m going to my friend’s house for dinner”. Use Back Channel Chat and download the transcript of your conversation later. Here is our Back Channel Chat.

My Exciting Life

Students boast about their exciting schedules with sentences like I'm going to the Beyonce concert in Zagreb next Monday. Use Wall Wisher for posting their notes. Here is our wall.