Mexico and its Key Indicators

No added sugar

Status: Developed

- Ability to elect government

- Access to medical needs

- High life expectancy

- Access to internet

- Fairly low infant mortality (<20)

-Access to clean water

A Brief Overview

Mexico is the southern part of North America and lies between an ocean and a gulf. Unrivalled Mexican handicraft is created in this wonderful nation rich in history, tradition, culture and natural beauty. Mexico is also home to a wide variety of traditional cuisine. Taco's, nacho's, enchilada's, buritto's, tuquitto's, fajita's are just some of the amazing food Mexico has to offer.

Population Growth & Total

Mexico's population totals 114,793,341 as recorded 2011. This number has been rising each year with 109,220,753 in 2007, 110,627,158 in 2008, 112,033,369 in 2009 and 113,423,047 in 2010.

As an annual percentage this is a 1.2% population rise.

Life Expectancy