Marketing Function - Costa Vida

Hunter Piedlau

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Functions of Marketing

  1. Marketing management- Costa Vida is most likely owned by a higher up that has joined restaurants for marking reasons so that each business is stable.
  2. Finance- All new restaurants finance to hope to gain profit and maintain a steady business so that they may pay off their finances while gaining profit.
  3. Pricing- They have a reasonable price for their food and most of the ingredients are bought for a low price so that their cooking and selling process is worth the profit.
  4. Promotion- They have advertisements and promote signs that lead to their location and also reached out to my school by handing out flyers that had deals on their food.
  5. Product/ service management- Costa Vida has took customers advise and created new meals that the consumers have desired, they also pay attention to foods that are not desired by people and manage their menus accordingly.
  6. Distribution- Costa Vida does not have waiters but they do have a lunch line that is easy and fast and gets products/ meals to the customers efficiently.
  7. Selling- Menus are posted on tv`s around the restaurant and suggestions and provided by them.

Costa Vida kept me as a customer-

Costa Vida has kept me as a customer by promotion and sales.

They have promoted me by advertising on websites and giving out papers to our school. They have also given out advertisements on commercials and have helped with sales with customers by doing free entrées and other deals that give me a reason to come back to that restaurant. Plus their food is constantly good and fresh.

Target Market-

Costa Vida is targeting mostly teenagers and families, their quantity of food is good for the price and cheap and easy to get for teens, families eat here together because the food is good and people enjoy the theme of the restaurant.

Their targeting students because the foods are desired by majority of teens and they like the theme of the restaurant and its a good place to eat after school.

Job Types-

Manager- watching over employees and taking care of any decisions that a employee can't make, they also manage/ evaluate newly hired people in the restaurant, managers contribute organized procedures that keep all employees in check and in the long run makes a business successful.

Cooks- These employees bake food and make a business have good reputation and in the long run gives a restaurant successful in sales.

Cashiers and waiters- They provide good service and provides reputation just like cooks that in the long run can effect sales.