*Patriot Academy School Counseling*

School Counsleor: Mrs. Estepp

What is a school counselor?

A school counselor can help with MANY things...a lot of students see their school counselor to talk about topics in the areas of academics, college & career planning, and personal/social/emotional. Mrs. Estepp should be your first stop for things such as:
  • — Classes & grades
  • — Getting involved in school
  • — Your four-year plan
  • — Adjusting to school
  • — Scheduling classes
  • — Struggling with classes
  • — Thriving in classes
  • — Getting into college
  • — Peer pressure
  • — Grieving
  • — Mental health
  • Crisis counseling
  • — Talking with friends or family
  • — Finding someone to talk to
  • — Post-high school planning
As a school counselor, I serve as a student's advocate and help to contribute to students becoming responsible, culturally aware, and productive citizens, as well as lifelong learners. Remember, I am ALWAYS here to help you succeed! Please come see me anytime...that's why I am here!

What's the process if I need to see Mrs. Estepp?

Students should always check in with their teachers before coming to the counseling office. This helps to ensure that a student's attendance is correct and so we know where each student is located throughout the day. If a parent/guardian would like to make an appointment to see Mrs. Estepp, they may call the school or email Mrs. Estepp; all contact information is listed at the bottom of this newsletter. Since many families often request to meet and discuss their students, it is beneficial to make an appointment in advance. This will allow me to plan and have a more cohesive meeting with the student and their family.

School Counseling & Confidentiality

Always keep in mind what you say to your counselor, stays confidential…unless:
  • Someone is hurting you.
  • You want to hurt someone.
  • You want to hurt yourself.
  • Abuse or neglect is occurring.
If any of these things are occurring, Mrs. Estepp is obligated to break confidentiality to ensure a student's safety and well-being.

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