Digital Citizenship

By Nicholas Triplett

Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship is how safe you are on electric devises, like computers, I pods, tablets, phones, etc.

Cyber Bullying

Cyber Bullying is just about the worst kind of bullying there is. It can ruin peoples lives. So if you think about it, and realize that your one, STOP!

Cyber bullying

It may not seem very bad, but cyber bullying has ruined so many lives, and the people who bully, don't even always know that they just did it!

Self-Image and Identity

Self-Image and Identity is bad idea. If you went and handed your identity to someone random online, they could find out more things about you and try to hurt you. The worst thing to give out is your address!!!

Self-Image and Identity

If someone found out any personal information about you, they could find ways to hurt you! Especially don't trust anyone online that you don't know. if they ask anything personal, SAY NO!!!!

Positive Digital Presence

It is important to have a Positive Digital Presence so if you ever get a job, they can look you up to see if they can trust you, and if you do bad stuff and post it on the internet, your not getting the job. Or colleges don't have to let you in if you have a bad record.