Camp Setterout

Where tics doesn't slow us down!

A Tourettes Camp like none other!

At Camp Setterout we serve the teens of East Texas from ages 10-18. We will be working with the National Tourettes Syndrome Association to help children suffering from Tourettes deal with everyday life. We will teach the campers how to speak out about their tics by taking them around East Texas. Our goal is to help these teens feel more comfortable with their disabilty. WE ONLY HAVE SPOTS FOR 50 CHAMPERS & a two week session is only $350 per camper! We will provide everything your child will need so, hurry and sign up for a summer of fun and excitement at Camp Setterout!

Tourettes Camp

Monday, June 24th, 10am to Monday, July 1st, 3pm

Tyler Junior College

The camp will be held at Tyler Junior College's Hudnall Hall. We have reserved the whole building for the campers and counselors stay. We will also have a charter bus to transport the campers to the different locations around East Texas.


  • Day 1 - Welcoming Day - the campers will learn about each other and partner up and dorm for the rest of the week. Then we will join together in the TJC's Apache Lounge for board games, dinner, and go over the schedule for the rest of the week.
  • Day 2 - Sports & Activities - Experts say when kids are active the tics are milder and don't occur as oftenn. So we will be engaging the campers in different activities such as Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, Jogging, Football, and Cheer. All the sports will be held at TJC facilities.
  • Day 3 - Give a helping hand - We will be taking a trip to Andrew Center to talk to other children with problems because, experts say letting kids help someone makes them feel better. Afterwards we will take a trip to Evergreen Nursing Home and let the campers help the elderly.
  • Day 4 - Embrace Creativity - The campers will be taken to the TJC's Fine Arts Hall to write, paint, and make music to focus their minds. This will decrease their tics and have their minds active.
  • Day 5 - Find Support - We will take the campers to a movie documentary about children and adults who have been successful even though they have Tourettes Syndrome. Afterwards we will let the children group together and talk about their problems. Some of our visitors will be well known celebrities.
  • Day 6 - Take Control - We will have a various doctors visit the TJC campus so the campers can ask questions about Tourette Syndrome and their tics. We will also have sessions to teach the children how to manage their tics.
  • Day 7 - Setterout Showcase - This is the last day of camp,we will be presenting everything we have done over the past week to the parents and visitors. The campers will each perform anything they learned.
  • Everyday the campers will be treated to a gourmet breakfast, lunch, and dinner provided by the TJCs Culinary Arts professors, and extra activities may apply depending on the counselors choice.

What to bring

Campers will only need to bring clothing and personnels for the week. The camp will provide everything else, such as food, a place to sleep, and each camper will get $100 for spending. If you choose you may send extra money with your children for when we go out around East Texas.

Camp Director Dr. Amaya Fields

Dr. Fields graduated John Tyler High School with honors as Valedictorian. She then attended Baylor University and later Havard Law School. She earned her Doctorates in law and later earned her masters in Neurology, the study of the brain nerves. She then went on to open her own firm and this camp. Dr. Fields herself has a child suffering from Tourette Syndrome, this is what drove her to open Camp Setterout. For more information about Camp Setterout you can contact Dr. Fields office at the below information.