Greek mythology


In Gordon Dean’s Myth web.com, Zeus is the most significant god in Greek mythology that shows an image that illustrates and describes but also reveals when he is being brave to overthrow Cronus.


The reason why Zeus overthrew Cronus was because he kept eating Zeus’s siblings. Cronus new he was going to make another child but what Cronus didn’t know was about how Rhea was going to hide Zeus in a cave. Rhea didn’t like how Cronus kept eating all of her children and wanted to keep this one. As usual Cronus went to pick up the baby as Rhea faked the birth. Cronus didn’t even realized if it were a baby or not so he picked up the blanket and ate it whole. What he swallowed was a rock. So then Rhea raised him in the cave and when he grew older he released all of his brothers and sisters and they will be there with him to rule the universe.

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For example, how Zeus overthrew his father by sending Cronus and the other titans to the underworld.


“Having vanquished his father and the other Titans, Zeus imprisoned most of them in the underworld of Tartarus.” (Dean)


This shows how Zeus was brave enough to overthrow his father Cronus because of how it states that he sent Cronus and all of the titans to the underworld. Zeus did this so he can free all of his brother’s and sister’s that Cronus ate, also he wants to rule the universe.


Lastly, this shows how brave Zeus is by overthrowing Cronus and releasing his brother’s and sister’s, he has made an impact on Greek Mythology by being the ruler of all gods and goddesses.


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