Ancient Sparta

life in sparta

spartas government

Ancient spartas original government was an oligarchy. Held by the council of elders and the kings [two king]. in the council of elders 28 citizens over the age 60 were in the coucil.

spartas culture

*the boys culture*

the boys left at the age of seven to go to the barracks.

then at the age of 20 the men joined the army and stayed in the barracks for 10 years.

then at the age of 60 they retired but still have to be ready for war .

*the girls culture*

they trained in sports. EX.[running, wrestling and even throwing the javelin].

they did that so they could become a healthy mother and stay fit so they can rase children.

*the adult life*

wives lived at home, meanwhile the husbands were living in the barracks until 60.

the woman actually had a freer life to live. adult woman can own land and go to any place they want to go.

*Extra facts about the adults*

men at the age of 30 were held at a assembly were they could vote fo officails and laws.

ephors were the officals, each year ephors would be elected. only five ephors were elected.

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