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Adeline Anderson


Cate Anderson is a very intelligent and loving person that is in my life. She is my hero because I enjoy the time spent with her. She is no where near boring. She makes everyday one of the best. When we go places, we always have a good time. She's serious when need be, but she's cracking jokes quite a lot. She is my inspiration to being an adult. She also does not give up easily, which is where I get it from. That is why I choose her as my hero. One amazing, strong women is what makes Cate, Cate.
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Hero Connection to Passion Project

“Connection to my hero”

My personal hero, my mother, was born in New York. One of the places she went when she was a child was the New York Public Library. She has taken her children to see the Library Lions. New York is apart of my history as well. I used to go there frequently. I would always love to see the lions. While she lived in New York, one of her most memorable places to go was the New York Public Library. My mother has told me and the other members in my family about how much she went there, why she went there, etc. I have grown to love the New York Public Library. Hearing about it always makes me smile. As well as triggers the many stories my mother has shared. I really enjoyed learning more about a part of my mother’s life, which in some ways makes it part of my life. My mother and I have talked about the New York Public Library quite a lot. I learned information that I can then share with my hero.