The Life of an Adult

Coral Moret


Name of Company- Christus Santa Rosa Hospital - Westover Hills

Job Title- Registered Nurse

Job Description- Registered Nurses inform patients and their families on ways to prevent diseases and if there may be a way for early recovery. Not only this, but RNs also observe and record patients' behavior to look for improvement and things along that line. Registered Nurses are always busy, whether they are helping doctors in surgery or preparing patients' for an examination.

Salary- $67,930

Human Resources Contact- Patty Toney

Location of Company Headquarters-

Where I will be working- Christus Santa Rosa Hospital- Westover Hills (SA, Texas)

Where I will be living- San Antonio, Texas


Coordinates- 29. 4167 degrees North, 98.5000 degrees West

Five Intriguing Characteristics of San Antonio

  1. River walk- San Antonio's River Walk is a public park that is open year-round. It's a network of little shops and places to dine, along the banks of the San Antonio River.
  2. Natural Bridge Caverns- Explore caves along with underground chambers. These caverns are filled with different things to do such as panning for gems just like a miner.
  3. McNay Art Museum- Enjoy artwork by famous artist such as Vincent van Gogh, and even Pablo Picasso! It was originally built by Marion Koogler McNay in the 1920s.
  4. San Antonio Spurs/ AT&T Center- Sit on the edge of your seat while watching the Spurs play. Hey, depending on your luck and location you may even get something signed by Tim Duncan!
  5. San Antonio Aquarium- Learn more about all the ocean has to offer, such as jellyfish, rare and colorful coral, sea horse, and so much more.
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Will I be able to live a secure, and comfortable life?

Gas (Driving)- $430/month

Rent- $725/month

Groceries- $375/month

Electricity- $180/month

Phone- $90/month

Movies- $45/ every other month

Netflix- $8/month