Causes of the American Revolution

Billy Morrison 1763-1776

What is the American Revolution

The American Revolution was a time of violence and anger. It was caused by over taxation on necessary items everyone bought. The events that lead up to the war was, Coercive Acts or as the colonists liked to called it (Intolerable Acts), Townshed Acts, Boston massacre, and Tea Act & Boston Tea Party. Theses are just some of the events that caused the American Revolution.

Causes of the American Revolution

The Revolution was caused by ridiculous acts from the British and the colonists. Many acts were happening amount the streets from protesting and fighting.there was the Boston massacre which killed five men and left others wounded, this was something British soldiers were told not to do but did what they thought was necessary. This was a horrible thing that happened so much propaganda went around saying what the horrible king has done to us colonists. With all this fury colonists started tearing tax collectors for believing in the corrupt and stuiped king. So The colonist took matters into their own hands and caused the Boston tea party. The Boston tea party was an event were colonist boarded a ship and threw tea over board which infuriated the king so he sent British troops to keep order. The king over taxed the colonists even more after the Boston tea party. He over taxed them and shut the harbors down and restricted trade and they had to house and feed the soldiers and were susceptible to search whenever the soldiers felt like they wanted to. When the colonies declared independence from England they thought it was the right thing to do and thought it was what the colonies needed.

Navigation Acts

The navigation acts were for restricting trade between colonies and the purpose was to get as much money for England as possible. The colonists needed to pay taxes on basic items and could not use colonies ships, they were only allowed to trade with British ships and had to go to England to pay the tax to trade with this it caused great poverty in Boston, other colonies started to send supplies for the citizens.

Boston Massacre

There were many men in the streets protesting. And the british troops opened fire on the civilians because the troops were clubbed and a rock was thrown and started the massacre. Five men were killed and others wounded. THis event started more protesting more anger and more violence. It's greatest impact on the colonies was the propaganda it started.

Tea Act & THe Boston Tea Party

THe taxation of tea in the colonies is what the Tea Act was. The colonist were unhappy because they had to pay import taxes for the shipment of tea, the tea was cheap but the taxes were high.The sons of liberty responded harshly to the tea acts. They tared tax collectors and threw feathers on them. And to top it off they boarded a ship with tons of tea in it literally, and dumped millions of dollars worth of tea into the sea.

Coercive Acts (Intolerable Acts)

The colonist called the coercive Acts intolerable acts because they thought the actions of the British were intolerable and unconstitutional. The laws Britain enforced were that they could not trade with the harbors and did not allow town meetings either. The colonists were also taxed more because they lost 1.7 million dollars worth of tea and wanted that money back. The colonists responded by sending supplies to Boston and slowly but surely their bonds became AMERICA!!!!!!!