By Melaina King

What is Arsenic?

Arsenic is an element found on the Periodic Table. Its Atomic number is 33, and it's found next to Germanium (32) and Selenium (34). Arsenic has a bright silver-grey look to it and it very brittle.

Physical Properties

-Atomic Mass: 74.9216 ± 0.00002 u

-Atomic Radius (In picometers) : 185pm

-Density: 5.776 grams per cubic centimeter

-Melting Point: 817 degrees Celsius

-Boiling Point: 616 degrees Celsius

-At room temperature (22 degrees Celsius) this element is a solid.

-Appearance: Arsenic is a semi-metal. It is metallic for its bright, silver-grey look and is brittle.

-Conductivity: Not a very good conductor.

-Malleability: Hard semi-metal; not very malleable.

-Harness: 3-4

-Other physical properties: Steel grey look, very brittle, and tarnishes in air.

Chemical Properties

-Flammability: Flammable in the air

-Reactivity: 7.6

Atomic Structure

-Atomic Number: 33

-Mass Number: 75

-Protons: 33

-Neutrons: 42

-Electrons: 33

History and Discovery

Arsenic was believed to be discovered around 2500 BC by Albert Mangus, however, Arsenic was known by the ancient Egyptians and the Chinese during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Arsenic was either mined, found in minerals, or obtained by heating the mineral Arsenopyrite.

Applications and Uses

Arsenic is produced in rat poisons, insecticides, medicines, making special glass, and preserving wood. Arsenic also used to be used in poisons until it easily became identified.

Fun Facts

-Arsenic gives off a garlic smell when heated up.

-The name is thought to come from the word "arsenikon", the Greek name for the yllow pigment orpiment.

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