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Return to School 2021-2022

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Principal's Corner

Greetings Tiger Family,

It is with great pride that we are able to come back to a school filled with bright-eyed and bushy-tailed staff and students. This has been a trying time over the last year and a half; however, we're still here. As we ride these waves of change, let's reflect on where we've been, and work towards a brighter future for our students, staff, and community. This can be accomplished with the aid of my new assistant principal, Mrs. Karin D. Reavis, the Sussex Central Elementary School Team, community stakeholders, and you! Together, our mission is to provide a child-centered environment that strives for excellence, promotes creativity, embraces diversity, and encourages lifelong learning for a changing world. Thank you, Tiger family, and welcome to the 2021-2022 academic school year!

Principal Webb

"Preserving the Magic...While Riding the Waves of Change"

Assistant Principal's Message

Greetings Tiger Family,

It is a true honor to begin a new school year here at Sussex Central Elementary School. Our theme, "Preserving the Magic...While Riding the Waves of Change" is the driving force behind our efforts to ensure the success of our staff and students. Let's work together to make this a safe, exciting, and eventful school year. Thank you!

Assistant Principal Reavis

"Preserving the Magic...While Riding the Waves of Change"

Mask Requirements

Sussex Central Elementary School is requiring that all students wear face coverings during the following situations while at school:

  • Riding on the school bus to and from school
  • While entering and exiting the school building
  • While transitioning in hallways for restroom breaks and moving throughout the hallways for any purpose
  • Anytime that 6 ft. of social distancing cannot occur, including in the classroom

Additionally, teachers and staff will be encouraged to seek time to allow students to take mask breaks when they are able to be done safely in an environment allowing 6 ft of social distancing.

  • Sussex Central Elementary School will have PPEs on hand for students. Students will need to come to school every day with a mask.

Note: Staff and students with medical conditions that make the wearing of face coverings difficult are encouraged to provide physician documentation to their school or supervisor to properly document their health concerns. If possible, alternatives to a traditional mask will be encouraged or allowed.


  • Students will be transported by bus to and from school
  • Students will be seated one-two students to a seat
  • Students are required to wear masks while on buses
  • All students have assigned bus seats
  • Siblings living in the same household will be allowed to sit together on the bus
  • Students will have temperature checks before boarding the bus and again before entering the school building
  • Social distancing of 3 feet will be observed on buses
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Student Meals

  • Breakfast and lunch will be served to all students who choose to eat the school's provided meals
  • Students will have meal options to choose
  • In order to maintain social distancing protocols, breakfast and lunch will be served in the classrooms until further notice
  • Lunch will be served in disposable containers by staff

Important Dates

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September 7th - First Day of School!

September 8th - K-5 Reading Student Growth Assessment (SGA)

September 9th - K-5 Math SGA

September 9th - School Board Meeting

September 10th - 4th Grade VA Studies SGA

September 10th - 5th Grade Science SGA

September 13th - Grades K-2 Make-up SGA

September 14th - Grades 3-5 Reading Growth Assessments

September 15th - Grades 3-5 Math Growth Assessments

September 16th - Grades 3-5 Make-up Growth Assessments

For the first semester here at Sussex Central Elementary School, the ONLY student supplies needed are as follows:
  • Masks
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Water Bottle
  • Book Bag (preferably padded)


Thursday, Sep. 2nd, 4-7pm

21392 Sussex Drive

Stony Creek, VA

Sussex Central Elementary School will host a drive-through Open House/Meet-and-Greet for our students and families. More information will be forthcoming regarding parents/guardians meeting with their child's individual teacher. Please note that any meetings held moving forward will be via Zoom.

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