Digital Update, 11/14/14

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Elementary Students Code

Mrs. McAnally introduced the app, Kodable, to the third grade classes as they finished up their solar system digital drawings in 30Hands. They learned computer programming basics and tested their problem solving skills.

First Graders Research Apple Facts

Click to view first grade's apple research slideshow made with the 30Hands app.

Edpuzzle Provides Valuable Student Data

Mrs. Purdy used an online tool called Edpuzzle to add interactivity while listening to an audio version of a short story. The tool gave her quick, real-time student data.

Third Grade Makes Vertebrate Animal Slide Shows

Third grade students researched vertebrate animals and created slideshows using PowerPoint. They practiced their technology skills, such as naming and saving files, navigating network drives, and importing copyright-free images.

High School Students Enjoy their Tech Quiz

While students were trained on Google Apps for Education, they were also quizzed on basic technology vocabulary with the game-based tool, Kahoot.

Second Graders Create Surveys and Chart Data

Second graders surveyed their peers and entered the data into the Easy Chart app to quickly create graphs. Note that this app is only an iphone app, but can easily be used on an iPad.

Elementary Library QR Code Book Reviews

The fourth grade students wrote and recorded book reviews for books found in the library. After completing an illustration, they imported the picture and recorded their review in the 30Hands app. Mrs. Mitchell created QR codes with to the videos found on YouTube. Swing by the Worth Street Library with your mobile device and QR reader app to hear the student book reviews! Listen to this book review on Little Red Hot.
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